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    How to prepare for a new cat or kitten

    It's so exciting bringing a new cat or kitten home for the very first time. You're about to welcome an adorable little stranger into your house and forge a deep and amazing bond with them - how magical is that?!

    Once they arrive, you're going to want to give your new cat your undivided care and attention. So is there anything you can do in advance to ensure a stress-free arrival? When it comes to introducing a new cat to your home, the boy scout's motto - 'be prepared' definitely applies!

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    What should you put on your cat's ID tag?

    I am a huge fan of ID tags. They bridge the all-important microchip gap, show others at-a-glance that your cat is loved and has a home, and significantly raise your cat's chances of being reunited with you if they ever escape or get lost. The Humane Society calls them "your cat's first ticket home".

    But what should you include on your cat's 'first ticket home'? Most tags (including ours) offer three or four lines of custom text, so you need to be a little bit selective. Let's look at the options...

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    Meet your cat's secret wild relatives

    When we think of our cats’ wild relatives we tend to think of their big cat cousins – the lions, leopards, panthers and tigers. It’s certainly true that our kitties would have us believe that they are fearsome little lions or majestic mini-jaguars!

    But it turns out that there is actually a group of much closer wild relations that our cats have forgotten to tell us about entirely.

    In this week’s Sunday Read we meet some of the close wild relations that your cat has been keeping a secret all of this time... 

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    The essential cat care tasks that you need to remember // with free printable planner
    Our cats can be pretty good at telling us what they need and when. We all know they don't hold back when their dinner is late, or they're bored and want to play! But keeping on top of their maintenance can be tricky when life is busy – especially the bits they’re not so keen to remind us about, like going to the vet!

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    Six strange cat behaviours explained

    Has your cat ever really weirded you out, or had you in fits of laughter with its strange habits? 

    We all know our cats are charismatic little oddballs - it's what makes them so loveable. But is there an internal logic to their unusual antics? This week we take a look at the surprising explanations behind some of their most bizarre behaviours...

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    How to stop your cat waking you up

    Discover how to stop your cat waking you up - so that you can get the beauty sleep you need, and they can chill out and stop devising ever more devious ways to rouse you!

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