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Cooking for your cat: Cat birthday cake recipe
If your cat’s birthday or gotcha day is coming up, what better way to treat them than with our cat birthday cake recipe!
Find Cat-Friendly Locations Near You - The Cat Map

Looking for cat-friendly locations near you? Check out The Supakit Cat Map - a community-sourced map of cat-friendly locations worldwide!

9 things we learned from our first taste of van life with a cat
Travel with your cat in a campervan! Here's what we learned on our first cat camper adventure.
Do all cats need to wear a collar?
Here at Supakit, we believe that all cats can benefit from wearing a breakaway collar & ID tag. Here's why...
Should You Put a Bell On Your Cat's Collar?

Why do cat collars have bells? And are cat collars with bells cruel? We explore the science behind putting a bell on your cat's collar.

How To Put A Collar On Your Cat
Putting a collar on your cat can seem daunting - but it needn't be! Here's our simple step-by-step guide to cat collar bliss...
When Is Your Kitten Ready For An Adult Size Collar?
When is your kitten ready for a Supakit adult collar? It may surprise you to learn that it has nothing to do with the age or size of your cat! It's all about their weight.
How To Harness Train Your Cat
Thinking of walking your cat on a harness and leash, but not sure where to start? Our simple step-by-guide will take your cat from harness newbie to outdoor adventurer in no time at all!
Should You Put A Collar On Your Kitten?
Should kittens wear collars? What sort of collar do they need? And when is your kitten old enough to wear a collar for the first time? We've got the answers to all of your kitten collar questions...
Homemade Tuna Cat Treats Your Cat Will Go Crazy For
It's here: Our recipe for diy homemade tuna cat treats, that take just minutes to make, cats go wild for, and are grain, gluten and dairy free!