The Supakit Christmas Gift Guide - The Ultimate Cat Christmas Presents!

The Supakit Christmas gift guide

Here at Supakit we see our cats as members of the family, they’ve been with us through ups and downs, life milestones and have been snuggled up to more Netflix binges than we care to remember. So when it comes to Christmas, we like to pop a gift or two under the tree for our feline furbabies. Imagine their little face when they are the only one without a pile of presents on Christmas morning – Heart. Shattered.

We know that our lovely Supakit squad (that’s you guys) love their cats as much as we do so we put our heads together, got our online shop on and created the ultimate Supakit Christmas Gift Guide for you, your cat and your equally as cat-crazy friends (they’re the best kind!).

These cat Christmas presents have been personally reviewed by a member of the Supakit team and given a headbutt of approval by our own, discerning kitties so you can be safe in the knowledge they’ll be a hit with both cats and humans alike.

Meet the reviewers!


Leili, Supakit Founder


Kevin, Supakit Founder


Becky, Supakit Team & Customer Assistant


Claire, Design & Social Media Assistant

Christmas Gifts for Cats

Make Your Own Cat Toy Kit – Supakit

Make Your Own Toy Kit – Supakit 


We’re so excited to expand the Supakit range into gifts! What better way to show your love for your kitty than by crafting them their very own catnip toy?! It’s also a great way to spend some therapeutic downtime over the holidays. I know that so many of you are amazing crafters so I can’t wait to see your beautiful cat toy creations! - Leili

Supakit - Make Your Own Cat Toy Kit - Donut Design

Kitty Phone Clip - Supakit

Cat christmas presents

ClaireI don’t know about you, but when I try to take a photo of my cat I end up spending more time trying to get him to look in my direction than actually getting the shot! Frantically waving and dangling a toy above my head does not produce well framed photos, I can assure you. So, when I clipped on the Kitty Phone Clip and it immediately caught Pablo’s attention, I was delighted. I managed to capture those straight-down-the-lens shots I’ve been hoping for, without the behind the scenes gymnastics! - Claire

Supakit - Kitty Phone Clip

Catnip Spray - Supakit

Catnip spray

BeckyI have always thought of catnip as something a bit fun, but recently discovered its calming benefits when relocating with my cats last year. My male cat, Marley, is a bit sensitive and can become quite anxious in unfamiliar situations, since moving he has become a bit of a loner and likes spending time in his 'safe areas' but I miss a little cuddle with him and have been trying to encourage him to sit with us at night. This natural catnip spray has been a revelation, from the first night that I sprayed a little on the throw in the living room he has been snuggled up to us, blissfully relaxing and enjoying some company. It's a nice big bottle so will keep him calm over the holidays and has really helped him come out of shell again. - Becky

Supakit - Natural Catnip Spray

Advent Calendar for Cats - Scrumbles

Advent calendar for cats

BeckyI love the 1st December, maybe because it's the first day that it's finally acceptable to listen to Christmas music…or maybe it's the hit of chocolate in the morning! My cats, Marley and Luna are used to indulging in just about every activity and tradition that us humans do, so I think it’s only fair that they also get their very own advent calendar this year. What I love about these festive treats is that not only do I get to spoil my cats, but it's also really good for them - one of the daily treats is a Dental Bite, specially made to protect their teeth. What a great excuse to include your kitty in the festivities and one of my top picks of Christmas gifts for cats! - Becky

Scrumbles - Advent Calendar

Cat Scratcher – Catipilla

Supakit Christmas gift guide for cat lovers

LeiliAfter years of buying disposable cardboard scratchers for Lola, this year I'll be treating her to a higher quality model that doesn't shed cardboard confetti all over the floor. This one is the perfect height for extravagant kitty scratching - it's a must-have if you're getting new furniture over the holidays and don't want your cat to shred it within minutes of getting it through the door! - Leili

Catipilla - Cat Scratchers

Realistic Cat Toys – TIGA Shop

Realistic tiga toys

ClaireMost of us have witnessed our cats in hunt mode, the laser beam gaze on that little blackbird merrily bathing in the bird bath has brought our kitty’s rather sinister alter ego out, one few of us are happy to entertain. Well, now they can have all the fun of the chase with none of the (gruesome) mess with these realistic cat toys by TIGA Shop. Plus, no birdies were harmed in the hunting of these toys! - Claire

TIGA Shop - Realistic Cat Toys

Cat Cave Bed – Cat Cave Co.

cat christmas gifts

BeckyCats get comfort and security from enclosed spaces and because I'd rather avoid decorating my home with cardboard boxes, I love the Cat Cave as it is small, sleek and provides my cats with their own safe space! The holiday period can be stressful for cats with fireworks, more visitors than they'd like and sometimes the need to travel to visit family, so having a portable safe haven that isn't an eyesore is a must for me this festive season. - Becky

Cat Cave Co.- Cat Cave Beds

Cardboard Cat Houses – Cat Play Furniture

cats christmas gifts

LeiliCats love boxes. Fact. If they happen to be cardboard, even better. However, as I’m sure many of us will agree cardboard boxes do not make the most aesthetically pleasing cat beds. Enter Cat Play Furniture’s cardboard cat houses! Feats of cardboard engineering, these cat houses are not only a great place for your cat to climb, explore and snuggle in, they also look great. Available from Etsy, with international shipping. - Leili

Cat Play Furniture - Cardboard Cat Houses

Christmas Hamper for Cats – Cat Hampurr

christmas gifts for cats

BeckyThis Christmas hamper is packed to the brim with delicious goodies and fun Christmas cat toys for your favourite feline. I’ve always bought Marley and Luna a Christmas stocking each, I feel tremendously guilty if they don’t have anything to open on Christmas morning (did someone say Crazy Cat Lady?!) and this is exactly the sort of gift I’ve been looking for. I also love that it comes in a perfect cat-sized box that is just calling to be sat in by a certain someone… - Becky

Cat Hampurr - Christmas Cat Hampers

Gifts for Cats Who Are Social Media Stars


KevinBefore founding Supakit, I was a Cameraman for twenty years and this is possibly the most useful gadget I’ve ever used – and it’s perfect for filming cats! It allows you to create smooth, perfectly framed videos on your phone, that you’ll really want to share. This latest version comes with a great magnetic phone clip, so that you can be up and running with it in seconds. - Kevin


GoPro Hero

cat christmas gift

KevinThe GoPro Hero range of cameras from the 7 through to the 9 are incredible for shooting cat videos in ANY environment. They are feature packed and produce beautiful, smooth, high quality video, but they are also tough, small and incredibly versatile. Use on a boat, beach or a mountain top and they’ll cope with it all, and so small and portable you can take them anywhere. Used with an extending arm like the 3-Way they are unbeatable. - Kevin

GoPro - Hero 7-9

Go Pro 3 Way

GoPro 3 Way

KevinGetting your camera close to your cat is one of the best ways to improve your cat videos and using a selfie stick is a great way to do it. This one from Go Pro has the added advantage of being able to bend in 3 places, allowing you to get your camera in the best possible position to see all of your cat’s adventures. It works directly with a Go Pro camera or you can get an adapter from 3rd party sellers to enable you to use it with your phone. - Kevin

GoPro - 3 Way

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Pet Portraits – Turner & Walker

Christmas gift guide

ClaireTurn your cat into a literal work of art with these fantastic and hilarious pet portraits. Simply send a photo of your cat to the uber talented team at Turner & Walker and they will rework it into a masterpiece suitably fit for the most regal of moggies! My favourite is ‘Queen to Be’. - Claire

Turner & Walker - Pet Portraits

Personalised Cat Christmas Ornaments – Wool Cat

christmas gifts for cat lovers

BeckyI live quite far from my family but my mum often comes to visit, and looks after the pets for me when I go on holiday. But this year, due to the travel restrictions, she's not been able to visit and has really missed seeing my cats...and me, I hope! Christmas is a big deal in her household and the Christmas tree is always the holiday heart of her home, so to help her feel like we're all together this Christmas, I have ordered her some personalised decorations of the kitties. I know she'll absolutely love them! Whether you're sending this to a faraway family member or friend, remembering a lost loved one or simply celebrating your kitty, these Christmas decorations are so sweet and sentimental. Made from natural materials, I think they make a lovely stocking filler! - Becky

Wool Cat - Personalised Christmas Cat Ornaments

Leopard Earrings – And Mary

christmas presents for cat people

LeiliA gorgeous gift for cat loving, kooky fashionistas everywhere. I love these fun leopard earrings that add a bit of glam to even the most simple of outfits and let's face it - who doesn't love leopard print?! - Leili

 And Mary - Leopard Earrings

Personalised Cat Cushion – Meowie

christmas gifts for cat


ClaireOur family recently said goodbye to our 14 year old cat, Zak. We miss him desperately and although we have photos of him all over the house, I think a cushion with his face on to hug tight would be a lovely gift for us all to share. - Claire

Meowie - Personalised Cat Cushion

‘Box Inspector and Other Important Jobs for Cats’ – Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar

Supakit Christmas gift guide

KevinA perfect book for cat lovers everywhere, a hilarious take on the secret professions of cats that only true ‘cat people’ would understand. Including ‘Ice Cream Quality Assessor’ and ‘Lap Warmer’ this merry read details the jobs cats hold down while us unsuspecting humans go about our daily lives. The ideal stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. - Kevin

Last Lemon - Box Inspector Book

Cat Print Oodie – Oodie

presents for cat lovers

ClaireMy 11 year old daughter is the ultimate snuggler, she loves anything cosy and warm to curl up in and I’m pretty sure her spirit animal is a cat! She has been sending me links to the Oodie for a while now so when I saw this cat print version I immediately added it to her Christmas list. - Claire

The Oodie - Cat Print Oodie 

Do You Look Like Your Cat? Memory Card Game – Gerrard Gethings & Debora Robertson

Do you look like your cat?

KevinTHE most perfect game for cat fans on Christmas day. A hilarious card game where you aim to successfully match cats with their owners. As a family of mega cat lovers, this is going to be a hit for us! - Kevin

Laurence King Publishing - Do You Look Like Your Cat? Memory Game

‘Talks to Cats’ Necklace – Mark Poulin

Talks to cats necklace

LeiliCome on, we all do it! It's often highlighted that I have full, albeit one-sided, conversations with my cat. So this pendant sums me up in one statement. It's going straight to the top of my Christmas list. - Leili

Mark Poulin - 'Take to Cats' Necklace