How to keep your ambassador code safe

We've been finding lately that a few of our ambassadors' discount codes have - through no fault of their own - been hijacked by coupon code scraping websites. This is sadly is outside of our terms & conditions as all codes must only be shared on sites and social media accounts that you own or manage. 

To avoid this happening, we just wanted to share a few top tips on how to keep your code safe from copying, but still available for your friends, family and online community:

  • DMs: Let everyone know that you have a discount code available for them, which they can DM you for details of.

  • Pictures: The automated coupon code sites use bots to scour the text of instagram and facebook posts for mention of discount codes. But it's much harder for them to 'read' text that's actually embedded in a picture or graphic. So if you'd like to share the code itself, consider putting it in a picture, or sharing on your Instagram / Facebook stories rather than in the post text itself. 
If, despite your best efforts you do find your code on sites that aren't in your control, please notify us and we'll do our very best to help out! And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.