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Meet the Supakit cat harness - the harness for cats that really works and your cat will love to wear! Our journey to make the best harness for cats began when we discovered that most cat harnesses are just tiny dog harnesses - which is why they don't work well for beautiful, wriggly, adventurous Houdini kitties. We created our ultimate cat walking harness to change all of that:

Made from natural materials that smell and feel right to your cat

Cradles your cat securely

Just a single buckle to fasten - for no fuss fitting!

6 products

6 products

Which cat harness material should I choose?

The Supakit cat harness comes in two materials, genuine leather and vegan cork 'leather'. Both are equally supple and strong. But if your cat loves water, consider choosing cork - our leather cat harnesses are splashproof but the cork can withstand full immersion!

This is honestly the ONLY cat harness that my kitties have not been able to get out of. They didn't mind it ONE bit. We go out just about every day for hours, and I'm no longer scared to death of losing them. My Bandies jumps around chasing bugs, and pulls the harness hard, but it NEVER budges. This is seriously the BEST cat harness out there, not kidding.

Teresa C.

I ordered the Supakit cat harness after seeing it on Nala the cat traveling the world. The one we had went over George's head and it was hard to get on. This one is the best! He just steps into it and it clips on in a second. The fit is very good and fits his body to a charm. George is starting to discover the outside world and I don't have to worry about him running off.

Amy P.

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