Retractable Cat Leash - 5 Metres - Black

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Open up your cat's horizons with our retractable cat leash, which extends up to 5 metres in length. Perfect for confident cats who are experienced in their harness, or for cats whose adventures take place in nature - whether that's on a trail, up a mountain or just hanging out at the beach! 

  • Extendable cat leash: Controlling your cat's leash length is easy - simply press the button to 'hold' the leash at a fixed length, and release the button to allow the leash to run freely again.
  • Lockable: Need to hold the leash at a fixed length for a while? Simply slide the button forward to 'lock' the leash at whichever fixed length you require.
  • Lightweight for cats: Our retractable cat lead is specially designed for cats, with a trigger clasp attachment that is small and lightweight, and will not weigh your cat down.
  • High quality: Our beautifully crafted retractable leashes are made to the highest standard, for a leash that glides effortlessly as your cat explores, with a handle that feels great in your hand.
  • Extra strong: Designed for cats up to 15kg / 33lbs in weight.

We offer two styles of leashes - the Gatsby soft rope leash, which is a fixed length, and a retractable leash, which is extendable.

The Gatsby Rope Leash

Ideal for cats that are new to harness walking or will be navigating a city / urban environment, e.g. sitting in cafes, walking on sidewalks or travelling by plane or train. 

Length: 1.2m long, supplied with brass ring to allow you to halve the length of the harness (e.g. when your cat is sitting on your lap in a car or a train).

Diameter: 7mm

Weight: 40g

Retractable Leash

Ideal for cats who are experienced in their harnesses and will be navigating a more open, unstructured environment e.g. heading out on trails, exploring fields, or having fun at the beach.

Length: Up to 5 metres

Diameter: The leash tape is flat, and is 1cm / 3/8 inch wide.

Weight (of entire unit, including handle): 210g


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Retractable Cat Leash - Retractable Leash by Supakit
5 Metre Retractable Cat Leash by Supakit
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