Retractable Cat Leash - 5 Metres / 16 Feet - Black

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After years of battling with 'grabby' dog leashes, we decided to make the world's first retractable leash specially for cats! Our high quality retractable cat leash extends up to 5 metres / 16 feet in length, but has a special gentle mechanism so that a cat can pull the leash out with ease (when it is in unlocked mode).

This longer retractable cat leash is perfect for confident cats who are experienced in their harness, or for cats whose adventures take place in nature - whether that's on a trail, up a mountain or just hanging out at the beach.

Effortless control
Controlling your cat's leash length is easy - simply press the button to 'hold' the leash at a fixed length, and release the button to allow the leash to run freely again.
Need to hold the leash at a fixed length for a while? Simply slide the button forward to 'lock' the leash at whichever fixed length you require.
Specially for cats
Our beautifully crafted retractable leashes are made SPECIALLY for cats, with a unique mechanism that allows even smaller cats to pull the leash out with ease.
Extra strong
Ready for adventures, and designed for cats up to 15kg / 33lbs in weight.

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