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Cat Leashes

We've created a range of cat leashes that are designed specially for cats. Lightweight and flexible yet ever so strong, discover a cat leash that lets your cat enjoy their adventures to the max!

Specially designed for cats

Ultra lightweight - won't weigh your cat down

Super strong & ready for zoomies!

6 products

6 products

Which cat leash style should I choose?
Our rope leashes for cats are perfect for walking a cat in an urban setting, or as a kitten leash / starter leash for kitties who are new to outdoor exploring. The retractable leash is perfect for more advanced cat explorers, whose adventures take them out of the city environment - whether that's on trails, through fields or chill out time at the beach.


"The leash is AMAZING for control, and freedom of length for your cat to not feel restricted and you can control the length. So well made. I may get the reg leash too but this retractable one is made for adventures. My baby is half bengal and loves it. He was scared of the handle first but now adjusting. LOVE. WORTH THE MONEY."

Stephanie L.

"This is the best retractable cat leash I’ve used. It fits comfortably in my hand, the hardware is not too heavy on Loki, I love the length, and it’s so smooth! Thank you Supakit for another awesome product."

Janelle B.