'Midnight' Blue Leather Safe Cat Collar

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Our 'Midnight' blue leather cat collar and kitten collar is handcrafted from luxuriously soft & lightweight natural leather, with a high quality breakaway safety buckle for your peace of mind. Discover a safe cat collar that's so comfy, your cat won't even know it's on!

  • Cat safe design: All of our collars come with a safety breakaway buckle as standard, so that your cat's collar will break free if it is ever snagged. But we've also refined every detail on our collars to make them as streamlined and snag free as possible! Our collars are designed to hug your cat's contours perfectly, so that there are no loose ends or loops that can catch on things as your cat explores. 
  • Available in kitten size, with a kitten-safe breakaway buckle: Most breakaway collars come with a safety buckle that needs an adult cat's weight to break away safely - so they're not safe for small cats and kittens. We decided to fix that! Our 'kitten size' collars come with a special kitten-weight safety buckle, that's safe for cats as small as 1kg / 2.2lbs.
  • Fully adjustable for the perfect fit: Adjust the size of your cat's collar with the easy-to-use brass slider, which gives millimetre precision over your cat's collar length and fit. 
  • For keeps: We use only the highest quality leathers in our collars, because they stay super strong even when ultra-thin. This allows us to make our collars much, much more slimline than other cat collars around. A slimline, snug fitting collar is much less prone to getting snagged - and as a happy side-effect, much more likely to stay on!

Which size should I choose for my cat?

Our collars come in two sizes - kitten size and adult size. They are both very adjustable in length, but what sets them apart is the strength of the breakaway safety buckle. Because of this, we recommend that you choose your cat's collar based on their current weight: 

If your cat weighs less than 2.5kg / 5.5lbs:
Choose a kitten size collar

If your cat weighs more than 2.5kg / 5.5lbs:
Choose an adult size collar

Not sure how much your cat weighs? 2.5kg / 5.5lbs is roughly the weight of a family size bottle of soda

Full specifications

Your cat's weight
Collar length
Kitten Size
Available in leather only
1 - 2.5 kg
2.2 - 5.5 lbs
14 - 21 cm
5.5 - 8.25 in
Adult Cat Size
Available in leather and waxed cotton
Over 2.5 kg
Over 5.5 lbs
18.5 - 29 cm
7.2 - 11.4 in


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We use the UK's Royal Mail to offer affordable shipping to over 70 countries in the world, including France, The Netherlands, Sweden and many more. Please click here to view the full list of countries that we ship to.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE for orders over £30! For orders below this value, the shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of your order - as a guide, here are the prices for up to two collars with ID tags:



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Orders over £30 - FREE!

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Safe Cat Collars - Supakit®
Blue Leather Cat Collar - Supakit®
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Blue Leather Kitten Collar - Supakit®
Safe cat collars - Midnight Blue - Supakit
Blue kitten collar - Midnight blue - Supakit
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Don't forget to add one of our beautiful, custom engraved ID tags to your cat's collar...

"An ID tag is your cat's ticket home. All cats should wear collars and tags." - The Humane Society