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The Supakit Collar Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on your new Supakit collar! Here at Supakit we've helped thousands of cats around the world discover the joys of wearing cat collars, and we'd love to share what we've learned along the way with you. Here are our top tips to get your cat wearing their collar happily in no time at all...

Get the perfect fit 

Our collars are specially designed to be supple, lightweight and sit closely to your cat's body - so that they won't even know their collar is there.

How to fit cat collar

  • To get the perfect fit, adjust the length of the collar so that you can fit one fingertip only between the collar and your cat's body when it is on.

  • Although it might be tempting to leave the collar looser in the belief that it is comfier for your cat, loose collars are actually less comfy and less safe for your kitty!

  • A good snug fit means that your cat can't feel their collar moving against their fur, so they'll be able to forget that it's even there. This close fit is also essential for making sure your cat's collar doesn't get snagged, and stays on.

Gradual introductions are best

Putting a cat collar on your cat

  • If your cat is new to wearing collars or hasn't been a big fan of them in the past, it's important to introduce them to their new Supakit collar gradually.

  • Just click below to read our detailled collar introduction guide which will take your cat from collar newbie to confident collar-wearer in no time at all!


Introduce accessories with care

  • When you first introduce your cat to their Supakit collar, it's best to start off without any additional accessories attached. Remove all bells, charms, ID tags etc at first, and let them settle in to their Supakit collar for several days.

  • Once they are showing signs that they have forgotten their collar is there, you can then gradually add accessories one by one.

Come bearing treats! 

  • Reward your cat for taking an interest in their collar (e.g. sniffing it in the tin when first opened) with a tasty treat to let them know that this is something worth getting excited about! 

  • Any treat will work, but if you fancy making your own, here's our recipe for homemade tuna cat treats that your cat will adore!

    Blog: Homemade Tuna Cat Treats Your Cat Will Go Crazy For

Care instructions

  • You can find care intructions for your Supakit breakaway collar here.