Softgeschirr für Katzen neu erfunden! Das Supakit-Katzengeschirr teilt die unvergleichliche Brustunterstützung traditioneller Katzengeschirrwesten, fügt jedoch eine stromlinienförmige Silhouette hinzu, die den Rücken und die Schultern Ihrer Katze völlig frei lässt – so ist es kühler und bequemer für Ihre Katze. Auch das Anlegen ist kinderleicht - einfach einsteigen, Schnalle schließen und los geht's!

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"We’ve discovered a harness that fits so well on our cats, Lumos & Noxie, that they can’t Houdini their way out of it. The Supakit Cat Harness."

"If your feline friend transforms into an escape artist whenever they’re given time in the great outdoors, the Supakit harness could be just what you need... the quality is amazing and we liked that there’s just one single buckle to fasten, meaning it’s easy to get on and off."

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We're proud to say that the Supakit harness is designed for every size, shape and breed of cat. Whether you're looking for a small cat harness for your tiny kitten or an extra large cat harness and leash for your beautiful floofmonster, there's a harness size for you!

Just take a look at our cat harness size & measuring guide to get started.

The Supakit cat harness comes in two materials - natural genuine leather, and vegan cork 'leather'. They are both equally supple and strong. The only difference between them is their water resistance. The leather harness is splashproof, whereas the cork harness can handle full immersion. So if your cat loves to swim or you live on or around water, we'd recommend opting for the cork harness over the leather!

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Jede Bestellung spendet zwei Mahlzeiten in unserem Partner-Schutzgebiet Blind Cat Rescue


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