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Is the Supakit harness escape-proof?

Our mission when creating the Supakit cat harness was to create a truly escape-proof solution for your feline friend. To achieve this, we turned to our global team of 'Harness Houdinis,' cats renowned for their Houdini-like escape skills. Their invaluable insights have allowed us to craft a harness that effectively counters common escape tactics, including 'backing out'.

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Shop the Supakit cat harness

To ensure your cat benefits fully from the escape-proofing features of the Supakit harness, it is important to consider the following:

  1. Choose the correct size: The Supakit harness comes in three sizes. Measure your cat using our size & measuring guide.

  2. Acheive the perfect fit: Our harness is designed to cradle your cat snugly and securely, allowing them to forget that it is even there. Learn more about achieving the perfect fit here.

  3. Maintain good leash position: Proper leash positioning is crucial for safe exploration. A leash that falls out of the 'safe zone' can make it possible for your cat to escape from their harness. Find out how to keep the leash in the safe zone here.

  4. Don't tether: Tethering is when you attach your cat’s leash to something and then leave your cat unattended. For safety and effectiveness, avoid tethering your cat. It's important that you are holding your cat's leash at all times to that you can keep it in the safe zone. You can learn more about tethering and harness escapes here.

  5. Harness train your cat: Harness training is a fundamental step to ensure your cat's safety and comfort during outdoor adventures, significantly lowering the risk of escapes. For comprehensive guidance, enrol in our Complete Cat Harness Training Course, or try our FREE 10 Day Harness Training Bootcamp.

Interested in learning more about how to keep your cat's harness safe and secure? In the video below, our resident feline expert, Leili, reveals insider tips and tricks to ensure your cat's harness remains escape-proof, allowing them to fully enjoy their outdoor adventures!