Cat Safety

We put cat safety at the heart of everything we do here at Supakit. Learn more about how to keep your cat safe and comfortable in their collar and harness.

Cat Collar Safety

Supakit collars are designed to offer an enhanced level of safety for your cat. All of our collars come with a vet-recommended breakaway safety buckle. But we don't stop there...

Ordinary breakaway collars require adult cat's body weight to break open safely if they are ever snagged. Here at Supakit all of our collars come with a choice of breakaway buckle - adult or kitten - so that you can choose one that's safely weight-rated for your cat!

Cat Harness Safety

Supakit harnesses have been designed specially for cats, to keep your kitty safe and secure on their outdoor adventures. Together with a testing team of 'Harness Houdini' cats all around the world, we developed a harness design that cradles your cat safely - resisting escapes and backing out - without putting any pressure on their head or neck. The result? Happy, relaxed and safe adventures for you and your cat!