Supakit collars cut down on collar losses in two special ways. Their super close fit means that they avoid getting snagged, and they are so comfortable and lightweight that your cat will forget they are wearing a collar, and won't scratch at it or try to take it off. 

Our cat collars come with a choice of quick release safety buckle (kitten and adult) so that no matter what weight your cat is, there is a Supakit collar that's perfectly designed for them. All of our collars come with a removable jingle bell, but if you'd rather not use it, it's simple to remove.

Your collar is made with SEAQUAL®  YARN. The SEAQUAL Initiative is an amazing project to support fishermen and local communities to clean the oceans of marine litter and transform it into a beautiful yarn. For every collar made, plastic waste is removed from the oceans forever. 

Supakit is a proud supporter of The SEAQUAL Initiative. Find out more at and on social media @seaqualfriends.