Breakaway Cat

Breakaway cat collars designed for the unique needs of cats. Handcrafted from luxuriously soft & supple materials, our pioneering cat collars have an ultra slimline design which prevents snags and losses, coupled with a high quality breakaway buckle to keep your cat safe. The result is a breakaway collar for cats that is so comfortable, your cat won't even know it's on!

We're happy to say that all of our designer cat collars come with a high quality bell, which is removable if you'd prefer not to use it. Need help choosing whether to use a bell or not? Check out our blog post on bells & cats here!



Our handsome rescue kitty was desperately in need of a durable collar w/safety buckle that also doesn't cramp his style, and we think our search is finally over. The rich burgundy compliments his grey tuxedo so beautifully that even our vet had to comment how he has the best cat collar in town!

Rie K.

It's such a nice colour, and the leather is super thin and soft. He hasn't been trying to get out of it, so it's definitely more comfortable than any others he has tried! Love this collar!

Diyara V.

These collars have been above and beyond our expectations! Not only do they look incredible, stylish and luxury - they are also so comfortable for our two boys that they have NEVER even scratched at them in the past 2 months of having them on!

Sasha L.

This collar is wonderful. Such supple, soft leather and in a beautiful colour of pink for our little Freya. She loves her new collar with the loud bell (which we appreciate very much).  Fabulous colour and it has a breakaway design too which we love.

Carla D.

Both of my kitties LOVE their Supakit leather soft, light and comfortable for them. I will never be able to nor would I want to purchase a different collar. We are a Supakit family for life! 

Ellie K.

Beulah loves her new Supakit collar! It was her first time wearing a collar and she settled down with it in no time - perfectly happy, up to mischief as usual!  The collar itself is lovely - really nice colour and very soft to the touch. 

Anneka D.

A absolutely lovely collar! The color and how soft the leather is! 👌 topnotch!

Lisa-Marie U.

Such a beautifully made collar, Cleo loves it! Thank you, would definitely recommend! 

Emily T.
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