Fist Bump For Cat Heroes Challenge

Fist Bump For Cat Heroes Challenge

What is the Fist Bump For Cat Heroes challenge?

The #fistbumpforcatheroes challenge is a fun way for you and your cat to show your support for an amazing cat charity that is close to your heart.

The challenge is to post a video of yourself on social media doing a fist bump with your cat in honour of a cat charity you are passionate about! 

We know that many cat charities and rescue organisations have been affected by COVID-19. We also know that many of our community are keen to offer their support, so the #fistbumpforcatheroeschallenge is a way to raise awareness of the amazing organisations that are out there and that need our help!  


How can I take part in the Fist Bump For Cat Heroes challenge?

It's super simple...

  1. Learn to fist bump (see below)

  2. Do it on camera

  3. Shout out to your chosen charity at the end of your fist bump video 

  4. Post it on social media

  5. Challenge your friends! 

 Here's ours...

If you'd like to donate to our cat heroes - RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk - to support their amazing work, you can do so direct here!

When you're writing your social media post, here's a handy template you may like to use:

Today we’re doing the #fistbumpforcatheroes challenge for our cat hero @insertherohere.

They do great work because [insert reason here]. If you would like to support them, please click here [link to their website]

Fist Bump For Cat Heroes is a fun challenge to raise awareness of amazing cat charities around the world and the incredible work they do.

We’re challenging @account1, @account2, @account3 to do a fist bump for their cat heroes.

If you don’t know how to do a fist bump with your cat yet, you can find a free tutorial in’s highlights.

Tagging & @supakitstore for starting this challenge.


How can I train my cat to give me a fist bump?

It’s loads of fun and surprisingly simple to do! Cat School have provided a handy ‘Fist Bump in 4 Easy Steps’ training guide to get you started here:

Train Your Cat To Fist Bump In 4 Easy Steps by Cat School