Harness Sizing

The Gatsby harness comes in three adjustable sizes, to cater to every shape and size of cat (even little kittens and big chonky floof-monsters!). To find the right size Gatsby for your cat, simply follow our size and measuring guide here.

You can also find answers to some of our common sizing questions below!

What if my cat is between two harness sizes?

When a cat is on the borderline between two sizes we always suggest choosing the smaller of the two, as it ensures a good snug fit which will make the harness nice and escape proof (and is comfier for your cat too as the harness won't move around as they walk).

Because of the way the Gatsby harness is designed, there is a little bit of give and take between the front straps and back straps:

  • If your cat needs just an extra cm or half inch at the back, you can loosen the front straps just a little to give them the extra adjustability they need at the back.

  • Or, if your cat needs an extra cm or half inch at the front, you can loosen the back straps just a little to give them the extra adjustability they need at the front. 

Are your harnesses adjustable? Will I need to buy a larger size as my cat grows?

All of our harnesses come in three sizes (small / medium / large), and each size has a range of adjustability on both the front and back straps.

There is a LOT of adjustability in all of our harness sizes, so there is a very good chance that you will be able to use a single size and adjust it as your cat grows. Obviously this depends on your particular cat and how much growing they will do - but as an example, one of the models on our store, Lola - still wears the 'small' size Gatsby harness that she first wore as a kitten, even though she is now 4 years old and fully grown. 

I know my cat's weight. Can I use this to choose their harness size?

The secret to success with the Gatsby harness is getting the fit just right! We've designed a harness that comes in three sizes to accommodate every shape and size of cat. However, we've found that weight alone isn't accurate enough to choose your cat's perfect size.

Instead, to ensure the perfect fit for your cat's Gatsby harness (which is really important for your cat's comfort and safety), you need to take just two simple measurements.

Click here to view our size and measuring guide which will take you through the process and includes a handy video too!