Breakaway Kitten Collars

Our designer kitten collars aren’t just adorably cute and soft on your kitten’s fur…they also come with a special breakaway buckle that’s safe for little cats!

We were inspired to create our quick release kitten collar range when we learned that most cat collars need an adult cat’s weight to trigger the breakaway buckle, so can't be safely worn by kittens. We decided to change that.

All of our leather kitten collars and textile kitten collars can be ordered with our special kitten-safe breakaway buckle, which is designed to release safely on cats as small as 1kg / 2.2lbs. Simply browse the collars below, and choose the ‘kitten’ buckle option before adding your collar to cart. 

We're happy to say that all of our kitten collars come with a special kitten-size bell, which is removable if you'd prefer not to use it. Need help choosing whether to use a bell or not? Check out our blog post on bells & cats here!



"Luna’s new supakit collar is so soft and slim it’s perfect for her first collar, other kitten collars I have looked at are quite thick and uncomfortable looking. Even the vet commented on her lovely collar when I took her for her second vaccination!"


"I spent a lot of time researching collars, and really wanted one that had a weight rating for kittens... I was so pleased when I got it how gorgeous it is, and the kittens don't mind it at all because of how soft it is. I highly recommend it!"

Karin F.

"Tucker loves his collar! Very satisfied with this purchase."

Avery S.

"We went through 2 other collars before ordering a kitten collar from Supakit. The difference was immediate! He hasn’t once tried to get it off and it looks great. Love that it fits snug without any ‘tails’ hanging out. Already looking at ordering a harness & lead too!"

Nadine M.

"Happy kitten. Happy owner 💕"

Miss L.

"Blue hated wearing collars until we discovered the range of Supakit kitten collars which he didn't even notice he was wearing...The collars are beautifully made, service is exceptional and of course the buckle makes it safe for my fur-baby. I'll be working my way through the colours!"

Hannah S.
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