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    Supakit founders Leili and Kevin

    "Our cats hate collars and lose them constantly. We've given up and got them microchipped instead."

    Us, three years ago! 


    Sound familiar? Just a few short years ago, we never dreamed that we would be putting collars on our two cats - much less creating a range of collars and harnesses of our own! 

    When we first brought our cats home, we tried them with every collar under the sun. But they hated wearing them so much, and would lose so many, that in the end we just gave up - and figured they were microchipped instead. 

    All of that changed when our youngest cat Lola went missing for three days (thankfully, we got her back). We realised her microchip would only have helped if she somehow made it to a vet's where it could be scanned. 

    But how would she get there, without a collar and ID tag to signal to passersby that she was our missing cat from the posters, and had a loving home? 

    We resolved to make a breakaway collar that our cats would enjoy wearing (so they wouldn't try to houdini their way out at every opportunity) and that fit them like a glove, so it wouldn't get snaggled on things and fall off. 

    After months of testing, we developed the Supakit breakaway cat collar, made of lightweight yet strong natural materials that feel - and most importantly smell - right to a cat. For the first time ever, our two cats started to wear their collars happily, and managed to keep them on. 

    Before long, other people started asking us if they could get hold of our collars and in December 2016, we opened our online store to share them with cats the world over. Today, we deliver Supakit collars to all four corners of the globe, and are delighted to have developed a harness too - so that cats can enjoy supreme, Supakit comfort - wherever their adventures take them.

    We still handcraft every single one of our products with love in our London studio, and are delighted that they are bringing joy to kitties around the world.

    If you'd ever like to get in touch, please drop us an email to hello@supakit.co. It would be lovely to hear from you! 

    Leili and Kevin, 
    Supakit Founders


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