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    Kevin and Leili, Supakit Founders

    "Our cats hate collars and lose them constantly. We've given up and got them microchipped instead."

    Us, two years ago! 

    Sound familiar? Just a few short years ago, we never dreamed that we would be putting collars on our two cats - much less creating a range of collars of our own! 

    The first time the idea of collars ever crossed our mind was when a neighbour told us that other people in our street were mistaking our two cats Lyra and Lola for strays and leaving food out for them! But they HATED wearing the nylon collars we bought for them, and before long, they found a way to magically houdini their way out of them.

    We tried fabric collars, nylon collars, you name it. We bought them in bulk, we did them up extra tight, but they still lost them. In the end we figured that the cats were microchipped anyway, so putting collars on them wasn't worth the trouble and expense.   

    Then, one day, Lola went missing...


    Lola missing

    While she was gone, a terrible thought occurred to us - her microchip would only help her get back home if she somehow made it to a vet's where it could be read. But how on earth would she get there? Even if a good samaritan spotted her and suspected that she might be the cat off the missing poster, would they really scoop an unidentified cat up off the streets and drive it to the nearest vet to get its microchip scanned? What if it was the wrong cat?!

    We vowed that if we ever got Lola back, we'd find a collar and tag that she would love wearing and never lose, so people would always be able to check - at a glance - who she was and where she came from. 

    By sheer luck (and thanks to a very nice man off Twitter) we found a very hungry and bewildered little Lola after nerve-wracking three days.

    Lola is found

    The joyous moment we got Lola back!

    Now it was time to make good on that collar promise. After a few more hopeless attempts with the collars that we could find in the shops, which our cats would lose almost instantly, it became clear we'd just have to make our own. 


    We knew our cats were losing their collars because they... 

    a) found them uncomfy and were constantly scratching at them

    b) didn't fit snugly, so they were catching on things and falling off

    So that's where we began.

    After months of weird and wonderful packages arriving from all corners of the world, we finally found the right materials and the right design, and lo, the Supakit collar was born! 

    What makes a Supakit collar

    So, did it work?

    Like a dream! Lyra and Lola wore them without the slightest fuss at all, and managed to never, ever lose a single one! And before long other people with both indoor and outdoor cats were asking us if they could get hold of our collars, so that their cats could enjoy them too. Finally, in December 2016, we opened our online store, so that kitties could finally get a collar that they would love and most importantly...keep on! 

    We still handcraft every single one with love, and are delighted that they are bringing joy to kitties around the world.

    If you'd ever like to get in touch with us, please just drop us an email to hello@supakit.co. It would be lovely to hear from you! 

    Leili and Kevin, Supakit Founders



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