Answerbank: Why Is My Kitten Losing Their Collar?

If your kitten is losing their collar frequently, there are a few things to check:

1. Your kitten's weight

Our kitten collars come with a special breakaway buckle, designed to trigger safely on the littlest of cats. It's perfect for keeping small, lightweight kittens safe, but once your little one has grown to over 2.5kg/5.5lbs, the sensitive buckle can start to trigger and fall off during the rough and tumble of their normal play.

If your kitten has been wearing their collar happily, but it has recently started to come off, it's a good indication that they might have crossed this weight threshold.

What to do:

Weigh your cat (you can do this at home by weighing yourself whilst holding your cat, then weighing yourself without the cat, and subtracting the two figures).

If your cat's weight is 2.5kg / 5.5lbs or above, it's time to switch up to a collar from our adult range, which comes with a firmer breakaway buckle that will stay with them through their adult adventures!

2. The fit

A collar that is too loose is more likely to get snaggled on things, and is also easier for a kitten to get their paws under to flick off. 

What to do:

Check the fit of your kitten's collar frequently. Our collars are designed to fit close to their neck - you want to be able to squeeze two fingertips only, flat to your cat, between the collar and their body when it is on. 

If their collar is too loose, simply take off, adjust, and pop the collar back on your kitten.

3. Accessories

Large dangly accessories, especially bells, can make a kitten more aware of their collar, and also give them something to grasp onto if they want to remove their collar.

What to do:

If you think this might be happening, it's worth removing all accessories from your kitten's collar to see if this resolves the problem. You can then gradually reintroduce them, but always remember that smaller accessories are best for young kittens. 

4. Re-introduction

If you've tried all of the above and had no success, it's possible that your kitten has become unnerved by wearing a collar and would benefit from being reintroduced to collar-wearing gradually. 

What to do:

Take your kitten's collar off for a few days, then reintroduce them to it gradually, following our step-by-step collar introduction guide.


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