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We set out on a mission to make the best cat harness and leash - and with the help of our amazing cat tester volunteers, the Gatsby cat harness and leash was born! Say hello to a secure cat harness that is fully adjustable, never puts pressure on your cat's neck, and has just a single buckle to fasten!

Available in 3 sizes - from kitten harness to large cat harness

We're proud to say that the Gatsby is designed for every shape, size and breed of cat. Whether you're looking for your kitten's first harness, or a harness able to support your giant floofmonster, there's a Gatsby size for you! Just take a look at our size & measuring guide to get started...

The Gatsby cat harness & leash reviews


Love this harness!! Thunder adjusted so well to it, so quickly. He is a huge escape artist and not once has he gotten out of it! It's lightweight and fits perfectly to his size. It looks gorgeous on him as well!

Elizabeth H.

We love the gatsby harness! My girls get spooked easily (and also stubborn) and have gotten out of previous harnesses. I was always scared they would get lost, but now I don’t worry when using the gatsby! They can’t escape, and the harness is super comfortable for them!! I couldn’t be more pleased!!

Nora L.

The Gatsby is stylish and durable! I love the black harness and leash on my little girl and she rocks the look. It also only took about 3 days for her to get used to the feel. Highly recommend!

Amanda H.

This is just what Frasse needs! He is very prone to backing out of harnesses - but he did not manage to back out of this one! The Gatsby manages perfectly to follow the movements of my cat, without constricting movement.

Amira R.

I am so happy I invested in these harnesses for my cats. They are lovely quality, very soft and light, great for in the hotter weather. My cats seem comfortable but secure which is great for my piece of mind. They actually get excited when they see me take them out! Very happy!

Charley T.

We love our harness! It’s much more secure than the harness we were previously using, still gives him lots of range of motion, and looks super sharp!

Corinne R.

All three of my cats love wearing and walking in this harness! It makes vet trips easier and they love exploring the gardens outside.

Kiri J.

Very comfortable, easy to use with adjustable straps. Stylish and very high quality! 5 stars and definitely will recommend, absolutely worth the money!

Anna V.
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