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Here at Supakit, we have a simple mission: designing dreamy cat collars and cat harnesses that feel great for your cat and that really work - so your cat can enjoy their daily adventures in safety, comfort and style!

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A cat collar so soft & lightweight, your cat won't even know it's on!

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Supakit reviews


Love this harness!! Thunder adjusted so well to it, so quickly. He is a huge escape artist and not once has he gotten out of it! It's lightweight and fits perfectly to his size. It looks gorgeous on him as well!

Elizabeth H.

Our handsome rescue kitty was desperately in need of a durable collar w/safety buckle that also doesn't cramp his style, and we think our search is finally over... even our vet had to comment how he has the best collar in town!

Rie K.

This is just what Frasse needs! He is very prone to backing out of harnesses - but he did not manage to back out of this one! The Gatsby manages perfectly to follow the movements of my cat, without constricting movement.

Amira R.

These collars have been above and beyond our expectations! Not only do they look incredible, stylish and luxury - they are also so comfortable for our two boys that they have NEVER even scratched at them in the past 2 months of having them on!

Sasha L.

It's such a nice colour, and the leather is super thin and soft. He hasn't been trying to get out of it, so it's definitely more comfortable than any others he has tried! Love this collar!

Diyara V.

Koala loves her new collar - the colour is fantastic the fit is perfect and she doesn't even realise she has it on - thanks again Supakit

Hollie E.

We bought Gertie her collar about 5 months ago hoping it would look great, be comfortable, and hold up better than her previous collars. We are thrilled! Quality is excellent, she adapted to it quickly, the color is beautiful, and so far it shows no visible wear or tear. 

Victoria T.

The ONLY harness Prince hasn’t escaped from! Just have to get it adjusted properly. I will order every color!

Terry T.
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