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The first retractable cat leash designed specially for cats!

Happy kitty, happy fishes.

Eco-friendly cat collars made from reclaimed sea plastic

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Ultra luxe & super lightweight so your cutie can enjoy their adventures to the max.

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Cat collars & cat harnesses. Designed specially for cats.

Here at Supakit, we have a simple mission: designing dreamy cat collars, cat harnesses and accessories that your cat will love and that really work - so your cat can enjoy their daily adventures in safety, comfort and style!

Breakaway cat Collars
So soft & lightweight, your cat won't know they're wearing one.
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Call of the wild
Discover harness adventures with your cat in safety & style.
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Supakit Reviews


Love this collar so much.
We had so many troubles to find a collar that our cat wouldn't lose on his outdoor adventures - until we found this one. The colour and quality are beautiful and I wouldn't buy a collar for my cat anywhere else in future! Although expensive for a cat collar, it's definitely been worth it - as it's actually stayed on!

Alicia N.

This is honestly the ONLY cat harness that my kitties have not been able to get out of. They didn't mind it ONE bit. We go out just about every day for hours, and I'm no longer scared to death of losing them. My Bandies jumps around chasing bugs, and pulls the harness hard, but it NEVER budges. This is seriously the BEST cat harness out there, not kidding. 

Teresa C.

Both of my kitties LOVE their Supakit leather cat collars. They both started with the kitten collar and have graduated to the adult size. So soft, light and comfortable for them. I will never be able to nor would I want to purchase a different collar. We are a Supakit family for life! 

Ellie K.

I am really happy with the Supakit cat collar. The colour is gorgeous and it looks fab on Jazzy. 

Natasha S.

Bruce is a big strong kitty who in previous attempts to use the most basic cat harnesses absolutely hated them. We had to move countries so a harness was a must and I was looking for the lightest and easy to put on option there is. I absolutely love Supakit! It's on within seconds. It worked great for the trip and we have wondered out in the nature with it as well. I think Supakit harness will have turned Bruce into a real adventure cat and we will go back to explore local parks!

Aija A.

Our new kitten, Geiger, wasn't at all bothered by his new collar. It's beautifully light weight and an amazing colour. Thank you so much!!

Philippa R.
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