Breakaway cat collars by Supakit

Breakaway Cat Collars

Treat your cat to the very best cat collars in the world - breakaway cat collars so blissfully soft and lightweight that your cat will forget they're even wearing one! Our breakaway cat collars are:

Made from natural materials that smell and feel right to your cat

Slimline & snug fitting, for a cat collar that stays on

Ultra-safe, with a vet-recommended breakaway buckle

13 products

13 products

Looking for a breakaway cat collar with bell?
All Supakit breakaway collars for cats are supplied with a high quality jingle bell. But if you'd prefer your cat collar without the bell, it's simple to remove - it simply twists off the collar in the same way that you'd remove a key from a keyring. Interested in the science of cat collars with bells? Check out our handy blog post on cat collar bells here!

These breakaway cat collars have been above and beyond our expectations! Not only do they look incredible, stylish and luxury - they are also so comfortable for our two boys that they have NEVER even scratched at them in the past 2 months of having them on! The quality is still as brand new after such a while. So pleased - I look forward to purchasing the harnesses next!

Sasha L.

Love this collar so much.We had so many troubles to find a breakaway collar that our cat wouldn't lose on his outdoor adventures - until we found this one. He has never seemed to have any complaints - if anything he seems to like it and can't wait to have it put back on after being removed for flea prevental treatments.The colour and quality are beautiful and I wouldn't buy a collar for my cat anywhere else in future! Although expensive for a cat collar, it's definitely been worth it - as it's actually stayed on!

Alicia N.

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