Leather Cat Collars / Adult Cat Size

Our leather cat collars and kitten collars are handcrafted from the finest genuine leather, which is soft and gentle on kitty fur, and feels and smells just right to your cat. The result is an ultra-soft breakaway leather cat collar that your cat will LOVE to wear!

9 products

9 products

Leather cat collar features

Luxuriously soft leather

Each collar band is made from buttery soft leather, and lined inside with the same premium leather too - for a collar that's second to none when it comes to flexibility and comfort!

Cat & kitten collars

Choose from two strengths of breakaway buckle - one that's perfect for adult cats, and one specially designed to keep lightweight kittens safe in their collars.

a cat collar that stays on

Our collars' ultra-slimline design helps to eliminate the risk of snags, while their amazing light weight means your cat will forget their collar is even there and won't try to take it off!

Cat collar with bell

All of our cat collars are supplied with a high quality gold jingle bell. If you'd rather not use it, it's easy to remove - it just twists off the collar like a key on a keyring.