Giving Back

Blind Cat Rescue

We know that the cats in our Supakit community are some of the luckiest cats in the world, coming from caring forever homes where they are loved and cherished.

Here at Supakit, we're dedicated to helping all cats experience the same love, safety and support. For every order placed we donate two meals to our wonderful partner sanctuary - Blind Cat Rescue.

About Blind Cat Rescue

Blind Cat Rescue

Blind Cat Rescue is a lifetime care sanctuary for blind, FIV+ and FELV+ cats. They provide a safe forever home for kitties that are have been deemed unadoptable and are at high risk of euthanasia.

Supakit Supports

When a cat is taken in at Blind Cat Rescue, they are guaranteed a home and care for life. To support this incredible work, for every order placed with Supakit, we make a donation to Blind Cat Rescue which enables them to provide two meals for the cats in their care.

Meet the Residents

If you love heartwarming stories of rescue cats, you'll love our YouTube channel. Every month, we go behind the scenes at Blind Cat Rescue to hear the story of one of their amazing kitty residents. You'll also learn more about Blind Cat Rescue's mission and how Supakit is helping to make a difference in the lives of these special cats. So watch & subscribe now to join our community of cat lovers who are making a difference!