Leather Cat Harness - 'The Gatsby' - Burgundy

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Cradles kitty securely Handmade by master craftsmen Natural scent that cats instinctively adore

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Open up a whole new world of harness adventures for you and your cat! The Gatsby leather cat harness is a comfy & secure cat harness that can take you and your cat on adventures of all shapes and sizes - whether you’re exploring nature, crossing town to the vets, or just hanging out together in the backyard.

The Gatsby leather cat harness is crafted from luxurious genuine leather that will last a lifetime but is so soft and supple your cat will soon forget they even have a harness on.

This harness was designed with the help of a team of escape-artist cats around the world who helped put each prototype through its paces. With their assistance, we pioneered the unique Gatsby cat harness design, which is resistant to the usual breakout tricks, to create a safe cat harness that's secure as can be.

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Please note: the Gatsby cat harness is designed for use with a leash, under human supervision. We do not recommend the use of cat harnesses for unsupervised tethering, as it is potentially dangerous and can adversely affect the escape-proofing of the harness.

The Gatsby cat harness and kitten harness is specially designed from the ground up, just for cats! Its natural scent helps your cat accept their harness with ease, while the simple single buckle step-in design means that there’s no need to put anything over your cat's head or disturb them with loud and scary velcro. Just pop your cat's front paws through the harness loops, clip up the single buckle, and you’re ready to go!

The unique sling design cradles your cat in all of the right places, while leaving their neck completely free - we hear from a lot of asthmatic kitties that it works much better for them than other harness designs because of this! 

With 3 body sizes to choose from and 4 fully-adjustable straps, getting that ‘just right’ fit couldn’t be easier. To find your cat's perfect Gatsby size, simply take a look at our size and measuring guide here.

The Gatsby harness comes in three adjustable sizes, to cater to every shape and size of cat (even little kittens and big chonky floof-monsters!). To find the right size Gatsby for your cat, simply follow our size and measuring guide here


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We’ve all been there. We’ve tried a new harness on our cat, gone outside for the first time. They’ve gotten spooked. Wriggled out of the harness. It’s not a situation that anyone wants to be in. But we’ve discovered a harness that fits so well on our cats, Lumos & Noxie, that they can’t Houdini their way out of it: the Supakit Harness.

They are much easier to get on than our previous harness – they can just step into them and the single quick release buckle is easy to fasten and looks really stylish! All in all we are really impressed with these handmade harnesses and it’s reassuring knowing they are wearing something that fits securely and they aren’t likely to escape out of!


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