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Explore our collection of breakaway cat collars with bells at Supakit. Each collar is thoughtfully supplied with a high-quality jingle bell. If you prefer a cat collar without the bell, no worries! It easily twists off, just like removing a key from a keyring. Curious about the science behind our cat collars with bells, and whether it's the right choice for your cat? Dive into the details here.

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Winner - Best Cat Collar, Cosmpolitan Pet Awards: "If you’ve got a wiggly floof who scowls when you even say ‘collar,’ this lightweight, barely-touches-the-fur pick is for you."
Best Leather Cat Collar: "You’ll appreciate this collar’s eight colors with gold metal accents...[and] your cat will like the light weight and slender fit."

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Our award-winning accessories are designed by leading behaviourists, putting comfort and safety first

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Every purchase contributes two meals at our partner sanctuary, supporting the well-being of animals in need

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Each accessory is skillfully hand-crafted to create beautiful, functional pieces that stand the test of time

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Our fully adjustable cat collars come in two sizes, with both an adult cat collar and kitten collar available. Our kitten size is for cats that weigh between 1kg - 2.5kg, and our adult collars are for cats that weigh 2.5kg plus. For more information, check out our collar size guide.

Yes, our cat collars come with high-quality jingle bells, providing an audible signal for locating your feline friend and reducing hunting. Explore our collection of cat collars with bells to find the perfect one for your cat.

Absolutely! We offer kitten collars with bells designed for cats weighing between 1kg - 2.5kg. These collars provide both safety and style for your playful little one. Explore our range of kitten collars with bells for more options.

Our breakaway cat collars with bells provide safety with a quick-release mechanism, allowing the collar to open if your cat gets caught. This ensures the well-being of your adventurous feline while offering audible location tracking. Explore our breakaway cat collars with bells for a perfect blend of safety and style.

Absolutely! Our cat collars with bells feature high-quality, audible jingle bells that provide a distinctive sound for easy location. The bells on our adult size collars are larger and louder, while the bells on our kitten size collars have a more gentle (but still very audible) jingle.

Yes, our cat collars with bells feature a quick-release mechanism for safety. Our quick-release cat collars with bells ensure that your cat can easily free themselves if the collar becomes snagged, preventing accidents and ensuring their well-being.