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Introducing the Supakit cat collar, meticulously designed from natural materials for unmatched comfort and seamless fit. These luxury cat collars are designed to appeal to even the most collar-shy kitties, offering a light, barely-there feel and a subtle, comforting scent. Discover our award-winning collection of high-end, safe and stylish cat collars that are sure to win your cat's heart!

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Winner - Best Cat Collar, Cosmpolitan Pet Awards: "If you’ve got a wiggly floof who scowls when you even say ‘collar,’ this lightweight, barely-touches-the-fur pick is for you."
Best Leather Cat Collar: "You’ll appreciate this collar’s eight colors with gold metal accents...[and] your cat will like the light weight and slender fit."

Expert design

Our award-winning accessories are designed by leading behaviourists, putting comfort and safety first

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Every purchase contributes two meals at our partner sanctuary, supporting the well-being of animals in need

Highest quality

Each accessory is skillfully hand-crafted to create beautiful, functional pieces that stand the test of time

Love at first sniff

Supakit accessories are made from luxurious natural materials that smell and feel *just right*


Supakit luxury cat collars are meticulously designed to cater to your cat's comfort and senses. They're made from luxurious natural materials that smell and feel just right to your cat, they have an ultra lightweight and slimline fit to prevent collar losses and keep your cat comfy at all times. And they incorporate a vet-recommended breakaway buckle for the ultimate in cat safety. The end result? A luxury cat collar that is so soft, lightweight, and comfortable, your cat won't even realise they have a cat collar on!

Our fully adjustable cat collars come in two sizes, with an adult cat collar and kitten collar available. Our kitten size collar is for cats that weigh between 1kg - 2.5kg (2.2 to 5.5lbs), and our adult size collars are for cats that weigh 2.5kg plus (5.5lbs+). For more information, check out our cat collar size guide.

Does your cat lose collars constantly? It doesn't have to be that way! Our research has found that cat collar losses are typically caused by two issues - an uncomfy collar that cats actively remove, or an ill-fitting collar that gets snagged as your active kitty explores. Supakit cat collars are designed to tackle these two main causes of collar losses, for a kitty collar that stays on your cat through all of their daily adventures!

Yes! All of our cat collars are breakaway cat collars, with a vet recommended breakaway buckle to keep your cat safe on their adventures. Breakaway collars are considered the safest collar option for cats. These collars, sometimes known as quick-release, unclip under tension, releasing your cat from its collar if they become entangled. They do this via a specially designed buckle, which slides open if the weight of your cat’s body pulls down on their collar.

At Supakit, our cat collars are made from premium-quality natural materials that smell ‘right’ to your cat. Our leather cat collars are made inside and out with butter-soft leather, making them super gentle on the skin and fur. They are designed with cat comfort in mind. Our vegan-friendly cork alternative is again natural smelling, luxuriously lightweight and comfortable with the bonus of being waterproof.

You can also pair them with our matching cat harnesses and cat leashes for the perfect co-ordinated look.

Yes! Our engraved cat ID tags are made from mirror polished metal, and can be custom engraved with up to four lines of your cat’s important info. They are supplied with a split ring for easy attachment to your kitty’s collar.

Every Supakit cat collar comes with a removable jingle bell, so you can choose whether or not your cat’s collar will carry one. You can learn more in our collar bell explainer, and if you’d like to remove your cat’s collar bell, check out our 'How to Remove a Bell from a Cat Collar' guide.

Supakit cat collars are the blissfully soft, luxury cat collars that cats love to wear. Crafted from natural materials that smell and feel just right to your cat, our kitty collars are ultra-thin yet strong, conforming to your cat's body for a perfect fit. Plus, each collar features a high-quality breakaway buckle, ensuring your cat's safety during their daily adventures.

Most importantly, they are designed to combat the two main causes of collar losses, to ensure your cat's collar stays on, wherever their adventures take them!