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Harness Train Your Cat in 5 Minutes A Day

Do you dream of taking your cat on harness adventures outside? Discover how to harness train your cat in a way that's super fun, totally effective and takes just 5 minutes a day!


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"The video tutorials were brilliant and the whole course was about fun and working up to the first outing. At first, we practiced just walking around the house on the lead before building up to the garden...Now, we’re up to about 10 minutes and that is ideal for Shelley, that time outside makes her happy. The help I’ve had through the Supakit Academy has been fantastic, and I can’t recommend it enough."

- Susie

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No flops, no stress, no drama!

Harness training shouldn't be stressful or weird for your cat. Let us show you how to make it enjoyable and enriching - so that harness training becomes the best five minutes of your cat's day!

"Love this course! The course breakdown makes each step easy enough to accomplish without overwhelming your cat, so you can see your progress, and the harness training is supplemented well with safe space and recall training which was exactly what we needed! Would recommend this to anyone whether you're brand new to harness training, or if you've hit a wall and need to go back to basics like me and Sooty."

- Becky

Putting your cat's harness on is just the beginning...

We'll also show you:

‣ How to set boundaries and re-route your kitty if they're heading the wrong way

‣ Techniques to make dog encounters safe & stress free

‣ How to backpack or carrier train your cat

‣ How to get your cat to come when they're called

‣ The leash positioning trick that will prevent harness escapes!

Meet the Instructor

👋 Hi, I'm Leili, your course instructor! I'm a qualified feline behaviour specialist, and co-founder of Supakit. I'm passionate about helping cats discover the joys of harness wearing using positive, fear-free techniques.

I am also proudly owned by cat Lola who came to harness training later in life, but has blossomed into an adventure pro - she's #vanlifed it to France, been on camping trips galore, and has become a truly insatiable explorer!

It's amazing what a little training, done the right way each day can achieve. I'm so excited to go on this journey with you...

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The Complete Cat Harness Training Course

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Yes, absolutely. The course will help your cat overcome any existing fears or hesitations around wearing their harness.

Yes! Older cats can absolutely be harness trained. You may find that their training progresses at a slightly slower pace, but we have had many sucessful older cat graduates here at the Supakit academy!

You can use any style or brand of harness, the training methods remain the same! (Although a super comfy Supakit harness will help your cat settle in their new harness quickly)

For sure! Your course access lasts a lifetime so you can use it to train more than one cat in the same household.