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Give your kitten the best start with a kitten collar that they'll love to wear! Our pioneering range of breakaway kitten collars aren't just adorably small and cute. They're the world's first breakaway cat collars to incorporate a safety buckle that's weight-rated for kittens! To order one of our kitten breakaway collars, simply choose your collar below, and choose the 'kitten' buckle option before adding to cart.

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At Supakit, our collars are fully adjustable in length, but we offer them with a choice of breakaway buckle to cater to the unique needs of your cat's life stage. Our kitten buckle collars are crafted for little explorers weighing between 1kg - 2.5kg (2.2 to 5.5lbs) while our adult buckle collars are designed for cats weighing 2.5kg and above (5.5lbs+).

When it comes to Supakit's kitten collars, we prioritise premium-quality natural materials that appeal to your kitten's senses. Our leather kitten collars are meticulously crafted inside and out with butter-soft leather, ensuring a gentle touch on your kitten's delicate skin and fur. These collars are designed with your kitten's comfort in mind. For a vegan-friendly option, explore our cork alternative—it not only carries a natural aroma but is also luxuriously lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof.

Complete the look by pairing these collars with our matching kitten harnesses and leashes, achieving the perfect coordinated ensemble for your adorable feline.

If you fancy giving your kitten a personalised touch, consider adding one of our engraved cat ID tags. They are small and lightweight for kittens to carry on their collar, and can be custom engraved with up to four lines of your kitten’s important info.

Your kitten's safety is our utmost priority, which is why we exclusively offer breakaway collars at Supakit. Crafted with care, these collars feature a vet-recommended quick release buckle that is designed to release under pressure, providing your playful little explorer with the freedom they love while keeping safety a top priority. We've also taken this commitment to safety one step further. Traditional breakaway collars are often weight-rated for adult cats over 2.5kg (5.5lbs), but at Supakit, we've pioneered a kitten collar range with a unique buckle, allowing our kitten collars to breakaway safely on cats as small as 1kg (2.2lbs).

We understand that every kitten is unique, and at Supakit, our kitten collars are designed with a wide range of adjustability to ensure a snug fit for even the tiniest of kitten necks. Explore our size guide for more information and find the perfect fit for your petite feline friend.

Your kitten is good to start rocking a Supakit kitten collar once they tip the scales at more than 1kg (2.2lb) - that's the magic number for the breakaway buckle to do its thing safely! Getting them used to a collar and ID tag early on is a fantastic idea. Kittens, with their minds like little sponges, tend to take to collar wearing easily. Plus, having visible ID on them at all times is a real win, especially for those moments when their adventures get a bit too adventurous. For easy and expert tips on getting your kitten collar-ready, check out our collar introduction guide.

AirTag Holders for Cats

Finally - a stylish, comfy way to put an Apple AirTag on your cat's collar or harness!

"If you’ve got a wiggly floof who scowls when you even say ‘collar,’ this lightweight, barely-touches-the-fur pick is for you."
"Best Leather Cat Collar: "You’ll appreciate this collar’s eight colors with gold metal accents...[and] your cat will like the light weight and slender fit.""
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Every order donates two meals at our partner sanctuary Blind Cat Rescue

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