Dog Harness Size Guide

Harness Size Guide

The Supakit dog harness is specially designed for small dogs weighing up to 10kgs / 22lbs. Within this weight range, there are three sizes available (small, medium and large) to ensure the perfect fit for your dog's shape and build. Simply follow the steps below to find your dog's perfect size: 

Step 1: Take your dog's measurements

It takes just two simple measurements to find your dog's perfect Supakit harness size! Using a tape measure (or a piece of string that you measure on a flat ruler later), take the measurements below while your dogis standing up. Remember to draw the tape measure tight enough to compress any fur underneath!

Front Measurement

Back Measurement

Measure from your dog's shoulderblades, around the front of their breastbone, and back again.

Measure from your dog's shoulderblades, around the back of their legs, and back again. The tape measure should pass snugly behind their elbows.

Step 2: Compare your dog's measurements to the size chart

Once you've taken your dog's measurements, simply compare them with the size chart below



25 - 32 cm
10 - 12.5 inches

29 - 38 cm
11.5 - 15 inches

37 - 46 cm
14.5 - 18 inches


28 - 36 cm
11 - 14 inches

33 - 41 cm
13 - 16 inches

41 - 50 cm
16 - 20 inches

Harness Sizing FAQs

  • What if my dog is between two sizes?

    If your dog is on the borderline between two sizes we always suggest choosing the smaller of the two, as it ensures a good snug fit which will make the harness nice and secure (and is comfier for them too as the harness won't move around and rub their fur as they walk).

  • Can I choose a size based on my dog's weight?

    Sadly not! The Supakit small dog harness is designed for dogs that weigh up to 10kgs or 22lbs. But within this weight range, there are three sizes of harness available - small, medium and large, and your dog's weight alone isn't able to accurately predict which one would work best for them. To find which size would be best for your small dog, simply follow the two-step measuring process above.