The Complete Cat Harness Training Course

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Discover how to harness train your cat in a way that's super fun, totally effective and takes just 5 minutes a day!

With over five years of experience as a certified animal behavior technician and co-founder of Supakit, Leili is here to guide you through the process of how to harness train your cat with positive, stress-free techniques. No flops, no fuss, no drama - just fun exercises that will strengthen your bond and become the highlight of your cat's day!

Through brief, engaging videos and just five minutes of cat harness training a day, you'll learn how to put your cat's harness on - but that's just the beginning. You'll also master the key skills for safe outdoor exploration, from backpack training to cat leash training, and even confidently handling dog encounters.

Not quite ready for the full adventure? No problem! If you just want to learn how to put your cat's harness on, head over to our free 10-Day Harness Training Bootcamp - it's the perfect way to dip your paws into the world of cat harness training!

What will you learn in this online course?

27 lessons & 25 downloads
Module 1: Preparing To Train Your Cat
Uncover the treats and tricks to keep your cat fully engaged during training, and learn to decode their body language to make training session a delight!
12 minutes, 46 seconds
Module 2: Recall & Carrier Training
Master the fundamental skills of cat recall training and carrier / cat backpack training, so that you can navigate the outdoor world in safety and confidence.
13 minutes, 44 seconds
Module 3: Introducing The Harness
Introduce your cat to their harness for the first time, getting them used to the new sensations so that it becomes something they actively want to wear – with no fuss, no stress, and no flops!
7 minutes, 48 seconds
Module 4: Moving In The Harness
Play a series of fun games with your cat to encourage them to move effortlessly in their harness and learn to walk, run and jump with ease.
3 minutes, 51 seconds
Module 5: Leash Training Your Cat
Learn the secrets of leash walking with your cat, including the leash positioning trick that prevents escapes, and how to redirect your cat in a new direction when needed.
9 minutes, 41 seconds
Module 6: Preparing For the Outdoors
Prepare for your first outdoor trips together! We'll guide you on planning, packing, and what to expect, ensuring joyful adventures for both you and your cat.
6 minutes, 28 seconds
Module 7: Managing Dog Encounters
Discover how to keep your cat safe during outdoor walks, even when encountering dogs and other animals.
9 minutes, 42 seconds

Course features

1-to-1 Guidance
Chat with your instructor for individual support.
Connect with learners
Join our exclusive community for tips and camaraderie.
Cat training demos
See real cats in action for each activity.
Earn badges
Showcase your cat's achievements with graded assignments.
Lifetime access
Enjoy unlimited, forever access.

Who is this course for?

This course is for harness training newbies or cats with some harness experience, who are looking to build the full set of skills to become confident outdoor explorers. It's designed to suit cats of all ages and temperaments, so whether your cat is a playful kitten, a cautious character, or a wise senior, your cat will be able to enjoy the journey at their own pace.


Leash training offers a wide range of benefits for both you and your cat. It provides a safe way for your cat to explore the great outdoors, enriching their life with new experiences and mental stimulation. Leash walks can also serve as a form of exercise, especially beneficial for indoor cats, helping to keep their minds and bodies active while preventing behavioural issues. Most importantly, it's a beautiful journey of bonding with your cat as you venture into the training process together, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.
The timeline for harness training your cat can vary. We recommend a consistent approach of training little and often, dedicating around 5 minutes a day to harness training your cat. The speed of progress depends on several factors, including your cat's age, personality, prior training experiences, and familiarity with harnesses. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete the course with your cat. The beauty is that you'll have lifetime access to the course, allowing you to continue developing your skills and deepening your bond with your feline friend. Our community and instructors are always on hand to answer your questions, providing ongoing support throughout your journey.
There's no perfect age for leash training your cat - it's never too soon or too late to embark on this incredible journey of exploration and bonding with your cat. The 'Complete Cat Harness Training Course' is tailored so that you can progress at your cat's own unique pace. So, start whenever it feels right, and let the adventures begin!
The overall steps to harness train a cat are the same, regardless of your cat's age. However, kittens tend to adapt quickly to new experiences, so beginning their harness training at a young age can lead to a smoother and faster process. Our 'Complete Cat Harness Training Course' is crafted to guide your kitten's harness training at their individual pace, building the full set of skills they'll need to become confident outdoor adventurers. It also provides valuable cat harness training tips for multi-cat households and managing the training of lively and easily distracted kittens!
Absolutely, older cats can be successfully trained to wear a harness. With the right techniques, patience, and a gentle approach, cats of any age, including seniors, can adapt to harness training. While it may take a bit more time for some older cats to get accustomed to it, the rewards of outdoor adventures and bonding opportunities are well worth the effort. Our 'Complete Cat Harness Training Course' provides guidance and tips on how to introduce harness training to older cats, ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable experience.
The best method to harness train a cat is one that is fun and stress-free for your cat. Our 'Complete Cat Harness Training Course' is designed with this in mind. We use positive, fear-free techniques that aim to make your cat fall in love with their harness, so that they actively want to put their harness on, with no fuss, no flops and no funny walks. The course doesn't stop there; it also includes essential skills like strong recall and carrier training to ensure a successful outdoor experience for both you and your cat. With our approach, you'll discover that harness training is a delightful journey of exploration and bonding with your cat.
Absolutely! Your course access lasts a lifetime, allowing you to harness train multiple cats within the same household. As an added bonus, our course includes special guidance on training in multi-cat households and how to harness train more than one cat at a time.
You're not restricted to a Supakit harness for training. You can use any style or brand of harness; the training methods are consistent across options. However, opting for a super comfy Supakit cat harness can help your cat adjust to their new gear more swiftly.
Absolutely. We understand that some cats might have had negative experiences, which is why we've designed our training methods to be gentle, positive, and fear-free. You'll learn techniques that can help your cat overcome any prior fears or hesitations related to wearing a harness. With patience and the right approach, you can build your cat's confidence and make the harness a comfortable and enjoyable part of their outdoor adventures.

Course Instructor

Leili Farzaneh

Leili is a renowned feline behavior specialist and co-founder of Supakit. Her credentials include being an accredited Animal Behavior Technician and a member of the Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors. Leili holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Imperial College London and possesses an Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behavior, with a specialisation in feline behavior.

Leili is passionate about enhancing the lives of cats through expertly-designed accessories and positive fear-free training techniques. She's a firm believer that there's a joyful training journey for every cat, given the approach and techniques.

On a personal note, Leili is proudly owned by her cat Lola who came to harness training later in life. Under Leili's expert guidance, Lola has evolved into a seasoned adventurer, embracing #vanlife escapades to France and relishing countless camping trips. She also volunteers at her local RSPCA sanctuary helping to socialize and prepare the wonderful kitties there for their new homes.