How To Harness Train Your Cat Course
How to harness train your cat course
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Are you longing to show your kitty a world of adventures outside? Our 'How to Harness Train Your Cat' course is the ultimate guide to harness training your cat in a way that they'll find super fun and that really works! 

Drawing on over 5 years experience helping to harness train cats around the world, the Supakit team are here to help you and your cat get ready for outdoor explorations together.

This course is designed for cats of all ages, whether they're lively kittens or sedate senior kitties. It's perfect for cats that are going to be trying a harness for the first time, but it's also great for harness improvers who need to build confidence on their harness before venturing outside, and those who haven't got on well with harnesses in the past.

Through easy, bitesize videos and with just 5 minutes training per day, we'll show you how to take your cat through the entire process of harness training: from first encounters with a harness, to harness fitting, leash positioning, safe space training and beyond.

By the end of this course you and your cat will be super confident with a harness and leash and ready for your first adventures outside!

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