Size & Measuring Guide

The Gatsby cat harness is available in three sizes (small, medium and large), which are designed to span the full range of cat sizes - from young kittens, through to the largest of adults!

Gatsby cat and kitten harness size chart



We strongly recommend measuring your cat for their Gatsby harness, to ensure the perfect fit. 

STEP 1 - Take your cat's 'front' and 'back' measurements...

Each measurement is made all the way around your cat. Use a cloth tape measure or piece of string, and make sure you draw it tight enough around your cat for any fur underneath to be compressed. 

1) FRONT: Measure from your cat's shoulderblades, around the front of their breastbone, and back again.

2) BACK: Measure from your cat's shoulderblades, around the back of their legs, and back again. The tape measure should pass behind their elbows.

Cat harness measuring guide kitten harness

STEP 2 - Compare your cat's measurements with the harness sizing chart above

If your cat is on the cusp of two sizes, please choose the smaller of the two. And if you need any advice at all with sizing, simply send us a message, and we'll be happy to help!