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We're happy to say that we're still open as usual and delivering worldwide. Please read the below before booking a delivery from one of our warehouses (we ship from the UK & USA):

  • Free shipping restrictions: Due to difficulties with mail carriers, we have sadly had to suspend our free shipping offer to the following countries:
    Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam 

  • Expedited services: All shipping couriers are currently prioritising shipments, so if you need your order urgently, please make sure to book a 'Tracked & Expedited' service at checkout.
  • Lingering backlogs: 'Economy' and 'Tracked' services are still being delivered, but are experiencing some delays. This is true even in regions where lockdowns are being lifted, as backlogs of mail are still resolving and have not yet been cleared.

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We need to know your region so we can show you shipping info for the warehouse nearest to you. Click here to set your region.


Q. Can I still order online?

A. Yes, you can still order online as normal and we can still deliver as normal. 

Q. I have an order pending — what will happen to it?

A. All pending orders are being processed as usual - please check your confirmation email to access your order status.

Our warehouse is still open and taking all necessary precautions to keep staff and customers safe (see more about these procedures here)

At the moment, our carriers are continuing to deliver although we are seeing significant delays, particularly to the USA, Australia and Canada. All are putting in place no-contact delivery procedures to keep customers and their staff safe.

Q. What precautions are your warehouses/couriers taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

A. Our teams, carrier partners and customers' health and safety is our number one priority. Our warehouse has implemented an increased hygiene regime to ensure that handwashing and cleaning are much more frequent, and have deployed split shifts to minimise the number of people working together. Our carriers have all deployed similar working practices. You can find the latest on these regimes here.

Q. Do you have a no-contact delivery process in place?

A. Yes we do. Almost all of our global couriers now have the ability to deliver with no contact. Simply let them know that you wish for this to happen when they contact you to arrange delivery, or when they arrive at your address.

Q. Are you changing your returns policy/process during this time? 

A. Over this period we don't want you to worry, so we've extended our returns period from 14 days to 30 days to give you plenty of time to book a return with us.

Q. Are your Customer Services still open? 

A. Yes, you can contact our Customer Services via email over this period.  

We use a number of international couriers to ship from our warehouses in the UK & USA to over 60 countries worldwide - including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more! You can find the full list in alphabetical order below:

Countries we ship to:
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Holy See (Vatican City State)
Hong Kong
Isle Of Man
Macedonia, Republic Of
Moldova, Republic of
New Zealand
San Marino
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Please note that any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches the destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.

Unfortunately we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local customs office for further information and estimated costs.

To track your order, simply click the 'view your order' button on your order or shipping confirmation emails, which will take you to your order status page. If for any reason your confirmation emails haven't arrived, please contact us so that we can resolve this for you!

Once your order has shipped, the order status page will be updated with your parcel's tracking number. Click on this tracking number to be taken to the courier's site, where you'll be able to find detailed updates on its progress.

Please note - Tracking is only available on our 'tracked' or 'tracked & expedited' shipping services. If you have selected an economy service, you will still receive a tracking number which you can view using the method above, but please note that this isn't a fully tracked service. It will provide a delivery confirmation only.

How to track your order

Additional tracking for international tracked shipments

If you have selected an international tracked shipment, once the parcel arrives in your country, it will be handed over to your national carrier e.g. Canada Post, Australia Post etc. for the final leg of its journey. You can often find more detailed tracking information on your national carrier's website, using the same tracking number as above.

Here are the tracking links for some of our most frequently used national carriers:

Canada Post Tracking

Australia Post Tracking

Free worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping is free on all orders over 85!

Orders below the free shipping threshold

On orders below our free shipping threshold, shipping is a flat fee based on your country, no matter how large or small your order.

To preview the shipping rates and options for your region, simply add an item to your cart. The cart will appear, and below your item(s) you'll find a preview of all of the available shipping rates for your region.

If you are located in a country that is not in the European Union, Brexit won't impact your order in any way.

If you are located in the EU, there may be some changes to the usual processes due to Brexit. We have put together some information to help you receive your order smoothly below.

The UK left the European Union on the 1st January 2021. As a result, the UK is no longer part of the EU’s single market and customs union, and new rules apply. The EU now treats postal items from the UK as it did non-EU items before, this means that there may be customs changes applied to your Supakit order if you live in Europe. Each country will have individual rules and pricing for customs and duties, we recommend visiting your local postal service website to get more details and obtain the exact price. We’re pleased to say that we have not observed any changes to our estimated shipping times due to Brexit.

To ensure your Supakit purchase is still a great experience, here are some tips to help European orders:

  • Be very careful to check your cats size before ordering; we still welcome returns but as we do not have an exchange policy, if you need to return your items and re-order in a different size, a second customs fee could apply.

  • Keep an eye on your tracking information; once your order has been dispatched you will receive a tracking link via email - keep an eye on this information as once your order passes over the border, it may be held until any customs or duties are paid to the carrier, failure to do this could cause your order to be returned to the UK.

If you need any sizing assistance or help with tracking your parcel, we’re on hand to help, please message us at


We aren't able to process exchanges, but we happily accept returns for a refund so that you can re-order in the size, colour or material that you need!

Just book in a return via our Returns Center to arrange your return & refund on your original item(s). You can order new ones whenever you like via the website, and we’ll process your refund when we receive your return.

We happily accept returns! We have warehouses in the UK and USA, so you can choose whichever is most convenient for you to send your return to.

If you would like to return and refund an item from your order, please visit our Returns Center within 30 days of receiving your items, to arrange your return. All items must be returned in as-new condition, and in the original packaging that you received them in.

As a small 3-year-old company we sadly aren't able to cover return shipping at this time - we ask you to arrange your own returns postage to whichever of our warehouses works best for you. We hope that as we grow, one day we'll be able to absorb this cost for you. 

You can find more detail on our returns policy here.

If you have booked in a return (but haven't sent it back to us yet), and would like to add additional items from the same order, simply login to the Returns Center with your order number and email address. 

You can then click 'create return' to add new items:

Booking a return


We're sorry to hear that you've been having trouble placing an order with us.

In these types of failures, it's the bank that issued the card or payment method that is stopping the transaction from going through.

There are a lot of different reasons why this may be (e.g. some banks have restrictions on international transactions by default), but don't worry! Just contact your bank to let them know that you would like to make this payment. They will usually be able to remove any restrictions for you, so you can go ahead and place your order.

We accept all common credit and debit cards through our online checkout (Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Maestro) and also offer checkout with both Apple and Google Pay.

During checkout you may see a box asking for your credit card number. Please be assured that you can enter any Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Maestro (including debit cards) in this box and your transaction will be processed as usual. 

Sadly we cannot accept telephone orders or bank transfers for security reasons. 

Once you've placed your order, a lot of magic starts to happen behind the scenes. It's booked in instantly with the delivery carrier so that a slot is reserved for it to ship, and our warehouse teams will begin picking and packing your order contents.

Because of this, once an order is placed, we sadly can't cancel or amend it. But don't worry, when you receive your order, you can return any unwanted items for a refund via our Returns Center. If you missed something off, please place a separate order for these items. 

Cat Harnesses

Putting your cat's Supakit cat harness on couldn't be simpler! There are no straps to put over your cat's head, and no loud and scary velcro to contend with. Instead, there's just a single buckle to fasten, and a super simple step-in design.

Here's a video showing you our two most popular methods for putting the Supakit harness on: the 'Drop + Pop' and the 'Superman'.

With thanks to our lovely meowdels Omi and Lola!

Sadly not! We've designed a harness that comes in three sizes to accommodate every shape and size of cat. However, we've found that weight alone isn't accurate enough to choose your cat's perfect size.

Instead, to ensure the perfect fit for your cat's Supakit harness (which is really important for your cat's comfort and safety), you need to take just two simple measurements.

Click here to view our size and measuring guide which will take you through the simple process. 

To find your cat's perfect Supakit harness size, simply follow our harness measuring guide to take your kitty's front and back measurements, and then compare them to the harness sizing chart on that page.

This should guide you to which of our three Supakit harness sizes will work best for your cat. But what if you have measured your cat up and their front and back measurements fall on the borderline between two harness sizes? 

When a cat is on the borderline between two sizes we always suggest choosing the smaller of the two, as it ensures a good snug fit which will make the harness nice and escape proof (and is comfier for your cat too as the harness won't move around as they walk).

Because of the way the Supakit harness is designed, there is a little bit of give and take between the front straps and back straps:

  • If your cat needs just an extra cm or half inch at the back, you can loosen the front straps just a little to give them the extra adjustability they need at the back.

  • Or, if your cat needs an extra cm or half inch at the front, you can loosen the back straps just a little to give them the extra adjustability they need at the front. 

As part of the development process for the Supakit cat harness we recruited a team of cat testers worldwide that we called our ‘Harness Houdinis’ - cats who had escaped from multiple harnesses in the past! With their help we’ve been able to make a harness that tackles all of the main kitty escape methods, including backing out.

There are a few things to get right to ensure that these escape-proofing features can work well for your cat:

  1. The correct size: The Supakit harness comes in three sizes, based on your cat's measurements. Take a look at our simple size & measuring guide.

  2. The perfect fit: The Supakit harness is designed to fit nice and close to your cat's body so that they can forget it's even there. Find out more about the perfect fit here.

  3. Good leash position: Leash position is everything when out exploring with your cat! Here's how to always make sure your cat's leash stays in the safe zone.

  4. Not tethering: For your cat's safety and for the escape-proofing features to work well, it's really important not to tether your cat to a fixed point. Exploring with your cat is a joyful activity to embark on together, and the Supakit harness is designed for use with a handheld leash only.

What if the Supakit harness just doesn't work out for my cat?

If for any reason you would like to return your Supakit harness, it's simple to do! We have warehouses in the UK and USA, so you can choose whichever is most convenient for you to send your return to. Please note that return postage is at the customer's expense. Find out more about our simple returns process here.

Hear from other escape artist kitties...

Is the Supakit Cat Harness Escape Proof? Is the Supakit cat harness escape proof?Is the Supakit cat harness escape proof?Best no-escape cat harnessBest no-escape cat harnessThe Supakit no escape cat harnessThe Supakit no escape cat harnessEscape-proof harness for catsThe Supakit no escape cat harnessEscape proof kitty harness

Of course! If you've received your cat's harness but need a different size, simply visit our Returns Center within 30 days of receiving your items, to arrange a return & refund of your original items so that you can place a new order for the size you need. 

We have warehouses in the UK and USA, so you can choose whichever is most convenient for you to send your return to.

As a small 3-year-old company we sadly aren't able to cover return shipping at this time - we ask you to arrange your own returns postage to whichever of our warehouses works best for you. We hope that as we grow, one day we'll be able to absorb this cost for you. 

You can find more detail on our returns policy here.

The Supakit cat harness comes in two materials - natural genuine leather, and vegan cork 'leather'. They are both equally supple and strong. The only difference between them is their water resistance. The leather harness is splashproof, whereas the cork  harness can handle full immersion. So if your cat loves to swim or you live on or around water, we'd recommend opting for the cork harness over the leather!

Cork Harness

  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and leave to air dry.
  • When not in use, keep out of your cat's reach to avoid them biting or playing with the harness.

Leather Harness

  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and leave to air dry.
  • When not in use, keep out of your cat's reach to avoid them biting or playing with the harness.

    Sadly not - the Supakit cat harness is designed for use with a single leash, with an attentive human being at one end! This is important for two reasons:

    Escape-proofing: The Supakit cat harness has several escape-proofing features that are specially designed for cats walking on a leash with their human. Because the angles and forces are so different when tethered (vs. walking on a leash), there is an increased risk of escape.

    Safety: Unsupervised tethering can be potentially very dangerous for your cat. Whilst on a tether and unsupervised they can become entangled in their tether with very serious consequences.

    The Supakit harness is designed to fit your cat snugly and securely. Here's how to achieve that perfect fit!

    Harness straps

    Fitting your cat's Gatsby harness

    First, adjust the front and back straps until the harness is nice and snugly fitting - you want to be able to fit one fingertip only between your cat and their harness when they are in neutral standing position. Make sure that the back straps pass behind (not over) your cat's front elbows. 

    Achieving a good snug fit is important for escape proofing but also comfiest for your cat (the less they can feel the harness slide across their fur as they move, the more relaxed they'll be!).

    Remember to adjust both left and right sides of the straps equally so that the harness stays centered on your cat's body. 

    The main buckle

    The ideal position for the main buckle is directly over your cat's shoulderblades, as this creates a perfect balance between the front and back straps on your cat's harness.

    It can sometimes look as though the buckle is uncomfy for your cat in this position, but don't worry, it's perfectly comfortable for them! The buckle is specially designed for kitty comfort - with a smooth surface to cause a minimal amount of friction against their fur, so that they can forget all about their harness and get on with the important business of exploring.

    Special cases

    • My cat has been using another style of harness, and seems a little bit uncomfy or freaked out in their new Supakit harness

      If your cat has been using a different style of harness in the past, you may find that they require a little bit of time to settle into wearing their new Supakit style of harness, and get used to the new sensations of where the harness touches their body. You might like to take a look at our Harness Introduction Guide over on the blog - it's written for harness first-timers but the process is the exact same for kitties who are switching over from a different style of harness! 

    • My cat is a larger cat and I'm worried that the back straps are tight under their front legs

      If your cat is on the larger side you may benefit from changing the angle at which the back straps come down behind their elbows.

      To achieve this, you can experiment with letting the harness' front straps out a little longer, and taking the back straps in a little tighter. The end result will be that the main buckle moves further down your cat's back (towards their tail) and creates a less sharp angle on the back strap behind their elbows.

      Just remember to check that once you have made your adjustments you are able to achieve a good snug fit overall (that allows you to slide one fingertip between your cat's harness and their body when it is on).

      Try to be conservative with your adjustments - while it's OK to move the buckle so it sits just behind your cat's shoulderblades, pushing it much further back on your cat's body can prevent the harness' escape-proof design from working effectively. 

    The Supakit cat harness is designed to be secure for cats and when used correctly should be escape-proof. If your cat has been able to escape from their Supakit harness, here are the key things to check:


    1. The fit

    The Supakit harness is designed to fit closely to your cat's body to ensure an escape-proof fit. Check the fit of your cat's harness by putting it on indoors.

    If you can fit more than one finger between the harness and your cat's body (with fur compressed), then the harness is too loose.

    What to do:

    • If you can, shorten the straps of your Supakit harness until you can only fit one finger snugly between the harness and your cat's body. Take care to ensure that the back straps pass close behind your cat's elbows, as this is essential for escape-proofing.

    • If you have shortened all straps fully, and are still able to fit more than one finger between your cat's body and their harness when it is on, then your cat's harness is too large. If your harness is eligible for return, book in a return on your original harness so that you can reorder in the smaller size that you need. 


    2. Leash position

    To ensure the escape-proofing features of the Supakit harness function correctly, it is important to maintain a good leash position whilst exploring with your cat. 

    Maintaining a good leash position when your cat is wearing a harness

    What to do:

    When walking with your cat, if the leash is taut and under tension, make sure that you keep it in the safe zone to avoid escapes.

    How to prevent harness escapes

    If you accidentally find yourself with the leash taut in the red or amber danger zones, move towards your cat to release the tension on the leash, and reposition so that the leash is back in the safe zone.


    3. Tethering

    The Supakit cat harness is designed for use with a handheld leash, with an attentive human being at one end! We strongly advise against tethering for safety reasons, and it can also compromise the escape-proofing features of the harness due to low leash angles.


    Preventing cat escaping from harness

    What to do:

    A tether creates a fixed point for a cat to pull against, which can lead to them pulling the harness off over their head. It is important that you do not tether your cat, so that you can be reactive to their movements and always maintain a good leash position. This will allow you to prevent these escapes.

    The Supakit cat harness was designed from the ground up with the unique needs of cats in mind.

    When we first began, we - like many of our community - had noticed that most cat harnesses were modified versions of dog or puppy harnesses. Some had been made smaller, some had minor design adjustments. But they didn't cater to a cat's unique needs, body plan and style of movement. 

    So we worked with our community to study what cats really need in a harness. We collected all of the niggles - big and small - with the harnesses they were already using. And then we started to build the Supakit harness' unique design. 

    Here are some of the key design features built in to the Supakit harness:

    1. Cradles your cat securely, but never holds them back

    When we were thinking about how a harness should hold a cat, we found inspiration in an unusual place! In zoos and veterinary establishments, large four-legged animals are moved in sling hoists that cradle them around their body but don't put any pressure on their neck or limbs. That gave us the idea for our harness' body plan.

    The Supakit harness cradles your cat around their upper body, spreading any forces over a large area so that they never experience tugging or pulling in any one place. It doesn't put any pressure on their neck, so is perfect for asthmatic kitties in particular. And it leaves their legs completely free for zoomies and mischief! 

    Because the Supakit harness holds your cat at the core of their body, with straps that sit behind their elbows, it is resistant to the most ingenious of kitty escapes! You can read more about the escape-proofing of the Supakit harness here.

    2. Appeals to your cat's super senses so they instinctively fall in love

    We know how important a cat's sense of smell, hearing and touch are when it comes to accepting new things. That's why we only use natural materials like super soft cork and leather to make our harnesses. Their natural smell is instinctively appealing to a cat, they don't make any scary rustling noises, and they feel sublime to wear! 

    3. A perfect fit for every cat

    If you've ever stroked your cat the wrong way you'll know how intolerant they are of having anything brush against their fur! We designed the Supakit harness to move with your cat, sitting like a second skin so that they can forget that their harness is even there. To achieve this, the Supakit harness is fully adjustable on all four of its straps, and comes in three body sizes, so that you can achieve the ultimate fit - whatever shape or size your cat may be!

    4. Super simple to put on (without somebody else to help!)

    First impressions count. A happy harness adventure should start happily too - it shouldn't begin with a stressful struggle to get your cat into their harness.

    We designed the Supakit harness to have just a single buckle to fasten, so that you can simply drop your cat's paws through the straps, and then fasten it up in a single move. The process is fuss-free and so fast your cat won't even notice what's been going on! 

    5. Double attachment for extra security

    The Supakit harness comes with a double D-ring attachment point - which is not only doubly safe, but like a climbing system allows you to cross your cat over from one type of leash to another without ever being completely untethered. It's perfect for times when they're clipped into their backpack, and you want to transfer them to a long leash, but don't want to risk them jumping out and running away. 

    6. Designed to last a lifetime

    Our harnesses are handmade in Europe by some of the finest craftsmen and women in the world. They are designed to outlive all other harnesses, and their natural materials will age and soften beautifully with time. All of our materials are ethically and sustainably sourced, supporting small local communities of artisan producers. 

    The Supakit cat harness comes in three sizes (small, medium & large), and each one has a large range of adjustability on both the front and back straps.

    The range is designed so that from the youngest of kittens to the largest of cats, there will be a Supakit harness that is the perfect size for them.

    Just visit our harness size & measuring guide to find your cat's perfect size!

    Will one harness size fit my cat all the way through their growth?

    There is a LOT of adjustability in all of our harness sizes, so there is a very good chance that you will be able to use a single size and adjust it as your cat grows. Obviously this depends on your particular cat and how much growing they will do - but as an example, one of the models on our store, Lola - still wears the 'small' size Supakit harness that she first wore as a kitten, even though she is now 4 years old and fully grown.

    Supakit harnesses are specially designed for the unique needs of cats, but that doesn’t mean to say that we haven’t had dogs who like to use our products too!

    Although our harnesses are specifically designed to suit the size and shape of our feline friends, we do hear of people who have chosen to use them on their petite pooches. Dogs tend to be somewhat stronger then cats (although your cat might tell you otherwise) so if you are purchasing a Supakit harness for a puppy which will one day grow into a medium size or particularly strong dog, we’d recommend keeping an eye on their growth and changing to a canine brand as soon as you see signs of them outgrowing their harness.

    You can find the size and measuring guide for our harnesses below. Just be aware that these are for a very snug and body-hugging fit, so if your dog will be wearing clothing between the harness and their body, you may need to add a little to their measurements to make room for this!

    Click here to view our size and measuring guide

    Cat Collars

    Supakit collars are specially designed to dramatically reduce collar losses so that they can stay with your kitty through all of their adventures. They do this by tackling the two main causes of collar loss - snagging on things in the environment, and active removal by your cat.

    • Ultra slimline, to reduce the risk of snagging: Our collars are super slimline and supple which allows them to sit very close to your cat's body. This slimline profile means that there's much less chance of the collar getting caught on things as your cat explores, meaning that their collar can stay on safely through all of their adventures!
    • Super comfy, to reduce active removals: We discovered that most cats notorious for 'losing' their collars are actually deliberately escaping because they find them uncomfy! Our collars are designed to be so soft and lightweight that your cat won't even know that they have a collar on, making active removals a thing of the past.

    With all of this said, collar losses do occasionally occur (in the rare cases where a collar does get caught and the safety breakaway buckle does genuinely need to trigger). But this should be an exceptionally rare occurrence. If you're seeing repeated losses, please check out our collar loss troubleshooting guide.

    Supakit collars come in two 'sizes' - but the main difference between them isn't the length (because they are both super adjustable), it's which breakaway buckle they have!

    Which breakaway buckle should I choose?

    All of our collars come with a breakaway buckle. This means that in the unlikely event that your cat is ever caught by their collar, the buckle will slide open under their body weight and allow them to break free from their collar safely. 

    We offer our collars with two choices of breakaway buckle. 

    Adult buckle

    This breakaway buckle is designed for all cats over 2.5kg / 5.5lbs. This is our ‘main’ buckle which will last your cat through all their adult years.

    Kitten buckle

    This breakaway buckle is designed for cats between 1kg - 2.5kg / 2.2 - 5.5lbs. It is specially designed to allow little cats and kittens to start collar wearing safely while they are still too small for the adult buckle. To keep collar losses to a minimum, we recommend moving them up to an adult buckle once they’re heavy enough. 

    What length are your collars?

    Our collars are fully adjustable in length, to allow you to achieve the perfect fit for your cat. You can find the lengths and widths of our collars below:

    Buckle style

    1 cm

    3/8 in

    18.5 - 29cm

    7.2 - 11.4 in


    1 cm

    3/8 in

    14 - 21cm

    5.5 - 8.25 in

    Supakit cat collars come with a choice of two breakaway buckles - 'adult' and 'kitten'.

    Adult buckle

    This is our ‘main’ style of breakaway buckle which will last your cat through all their adult years.

    Kitten buckle

    This breakaway buckle is specially designed to allow little cats and kittens to start collar wearing safely while they are still too light for the adult buckle.

    So, how do you know when your kitten is ready to switch over to an adult buckle?

    It's all about their weight - if your cat weighs more than 2.5kg / 5.5lbs - then they are ready to move up to a collar with an 'adult' breakaway buckle!


    Can my cat just keep wearing their kitten buckle collar?

    A kitten buckle is perfectly safe for all cats, whatever their size or weight. But once your cat is heavy enough for our adult buckle, you may start to notice that their collar with a kitten buckle starts to fall off more often. 

    That's because a kitten breakaway buckle is very sensitive, designed to trigger safely on the littlest of cats. It's perfect for keeping small, lightweight kittens safe, but once your little one has grown to over 2.5kg/5.5lbs, that same buckle can start to trigger and fall off during the rough and tumble of their normal play.

    Luckily, that's where an adult buckle comes in! The adult breakaway buckle is firmer, so for cats who are safely over the weight limit it has more staying power. The result is a collar that will stay with your cat, wherever they may go. 

    Supakit collars are designed to keep collar losses to an absolute minimum. If your cat is losing their collar frequently, here are a few simple things to check:


    1. The breakaway buckle

    If you've opted for a collar with a 'kitten' buckle but your cat has since grown to over the weight threshold for our 'adult' buckle, this could be causing your collar losses.

    Our 'kitten' breakaway buckle is designed to trigger safely on the littlest of cats. It's perfect for keeping small, lightweight kittens safe, but once your little one has grown to over 2.5kg/5.5lbs, the sensitive buckle can start to trigger and fall off during the rough and tumble of their normal play.

    If your cat has been wearing their 'kitten' buckle collar happily, but it has recently started to come off, it's a good indication that they might have crossed this weight threshold.


    What to do:

    Weigh your cat (you can do this at home by weighing yourself whilst holding your cat, then weighing yourself without the cat, and subtracting the two figures).

    If your cat's weight is 2.5kg / 5.5lbs or above, it's time to switch up to a collar with our firmer 'adult' breakaway buckle that will stay with them through their adult adventures!


    2. The fit

    A loose collar is the most common cause of frequent collar losses. It can be tempting to leave your cat's collar loose in the interests of their comfort, but counter-intuitively, the looser a cat's collar is the more uncomfy it can feel for a cat! That's because a loose collar will tend to slide across their fur as they move around (rather than sitting snugly in one place), and these sliding sensations of a loose collar can be disconcerting for a cat. Cats will then use the extra room in the collar band to take matters into their own 'hands' - hooking their paw underneath it to simply remove the offending collar! 

    In addition, the extra slack in a loose collar can increase the risk of the collar getting snagged as your cat brushes against things or explores, which is another main cause of collar losses. 


    What to do:

    Getting the fit right is easy - simply adjust the length of the collar until you can slide one fingertip only, between your cat and their collar when it is on (with fur flattened). Don't forget to re-check the fit of your cat's collar frequently as it may change as they gain or lose weight, or due to seasonal changes in the thickness of their coat. 


    3. Accessories

    Does your cat's collar have any accessories attached? Large dangly accessories - especially bells, but also ID tags - can make a cat more aware of their collar, and also give them something to grasp onto if they want to remove their collar.

    What to do:

    If you're noticing frequent collar losses, it's worth removing all accessories from your cat's collar to see if this resolves the problem. Once your cat has settled in their accessory-free collar, you can then gradually reintroduce any accessories over time. We recommend re-introducing accessories one by one, waiting until your cat is happy and settled in each one before adding the next. 


    4. Trackers

    Is there a tracking device fitted to your cat's collar? We do find in particular that the significant size and added weight of a tracker can unfortunately increase the likelihood of collar losses. Supakit collars are designed to be very slimline and sit snugly against your cat's neck. This slimline profile is essential to ensure that your cat's collar doesn't get caught on anything and get lost. Sadly, trackers tend to protrude outwards and are more likely to get snagged. In addition, the general weight of them can make the breakaway safety buckle more vulnerable to opening, resulting in collar losses. 

    What to do:

    If you are experiencing collar losses with a tracker fitted to the collar, then unfortunately you may have to decide which is a higher priority for your kitty - tolerating more frequent collar losses but carrying a tracker, or removing the tracker and decreasing the risk of losses. We know it's a tough decision, and one that will be personal to each case. We can't wait for the day that trackers become small and light enough to work properly with breakaway safety cat collars. Until then, we do know that some of our customers choose to continue with a tracker and then use the tracking device itself to locate the collar if it comes off.


    5. Re-introduction

    If you've tried all of the above and had no success, it's possible that your cat has become a little unnerved by wearing their collar, and could benefit from a gradual re-introduction to collar wearing. Think of it like a soft reset - if your cat has inherited any anxieties about their collar, either due to past experiences or factors completely out of your control (they may have been anxious about something else - like a neighborhood cat spotted from the window - on the days that you introduced them to their collar, and made a negative association) - then this is a great way to start fresh and introduce them to collar wearing anew.

    What to do:

    Take your cat's collar off for a few days, then reintroduce them to their collar gradually, following our step-by-step collar introduction guide.


    6. Conflict with other cats

    If your cat has access to the outdoors, the final factor to consider is whether your cat may be getting into active (i.e. not play) fights with other cats in the neighbourhood. Sadly, this is the hardest factor to correct with the collar alone as it’s important for your cat's safety that the collar does break away if a rival cat hooks a claw onto it, for example. Checking the fit is definitely worthwhile, so that their collar is as snug as possible. Beyond that, we often find that spending time outdoors with a cat can help them ‘reclaim’ outdoor territory and keep any invaders at bay.

    Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Supakit. All of our collars are designed to include a high quality vet-recommended breakaway buckle, which will 'break-away' under your cat's weight if their collar is ever snagged. We are also one of the only cat collar manufacturers to offer all of our collars with a choice of two breakaway buckles, including a more sensitive 'kitten' breakaway buckle that is safe for lighter kitten bodies.

    Most importantly of all, we believe in minimising the risk of snags occurring in the first place. Our pioneering slimline design fits your cat's contours like a glove, to minimise the risk of snags and ensure that your cat's collar stays with them, wherever they go.

    Leather Collars

    • Wipe clean only with a damp cloth.
    • If the band becomes dry or faded, rub in a small amount of 'dubbin' (available at shoe repairers or online)
    • Important - Remove the collar before applying any topical treatments to your cat's fur (e.g. flea spot on treatments) and leave the collar off for 48 hours after.

    Textile Collars

    • Hand wash at 30°C. Remove any bells and accessories beforehand. 
    • Important - Remove the collar before applying any topical treatments to your cat's fur (e.g. flea spot on treatments) and leave the collar off for 48 hours after.

    Supakit collars are specially designed for the unique needs of cats, but that doesn’t mean to say that we haven’t had dogs who like to use our products too!

    If you're thinking of using a Supakit collar on your dog, it's important to keep in mind that our collars are fitted with a breakaway buckle that releases under strain, a safety feature designed to ensure that cats will not get snagged or caught in a dangerous position by their collars. This means that you cannot attach a leash to our collars, as it will pop open if your pooch pulls and could cause them to escape. Our collars should be used as a form of identification and, of course, a beautiful accessory!

    What size are Supakit collars?

    All Supakit collars come with a friction-based breakaway buckle (this is the black buckle in the middle of the collar that has the Supakit logo on). It's designed to open when pulled apart. 

    Opening the collar when it is not on your cat

    To open the collar, simply take the left and right side of the buckle in each hand as shown in the picture below, and pull apart firmly. The left and right side of the buckle will come apart.

    How to open breakaway cat collar

    Opening the collar when it is on your cat

    To remove your cat's collar when it is on your cat, simply hook your index finger of both hands behind the buckle, pinch the buckle between your index finger and thumb, and then pull apart. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to use your hands to absorb any sudden movements as the buckle comes apart, leaving your cat none the wiser as to what has been going on! 

    Opening Supakit cat collar whilst it is on cat

    All Supakit collars come with a high quality removable jingle bell - but if you'd rather not use it, it simply unthreads from the collar (in the same way as you'd remove a key from a keyring). If you're debating whether or not to put a bell on your cat's collar, why not take a look at our blog post about the science of collars & bells!

    Once your cat is settled and happy in their Supakit collar it's perfectly safe to leave it on them all the time. Some occasions when you should definitely remove your cat's collar during normal use are:

    • When administering topical treatments e.g. flea or worming treatments that you apply to their fur. These chemicals can permanently damage the collar and its buckle, so we recommend that you leave your cat's collar off for 48 hours following these treatments. 

    • When adjusting the fit - We recommend that you check the fit of your cat's collar from time to time and adjust to ensure that you can fit one fingertip only between your cat and their collar when it is on. To make any adjustments, simply remove the collar from your cat, use the brass slider to lengthen or shorten to the appropriate length, and then put your cat's collar back on.

    With long-term use you may notice that your cat's fur develops a parting where their Supakit collar lies. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal - and just like a parting in human hair! If you ever choose to remove their collar, your cat's fur will lose its parting over time. 

    We don't provide trackers, but you are very welcome to use a third party tracker on your Supakit collar. The only thing to be aware of is that the size and added weight of a tracker can unfortunately increase the likelihood of collar losses.

    Supakit collars are designed to be very slimline and sit snugly against your cat's neck. This slimline profile is essential to ensure that your cat's collar doesn't get caught on anything and get lost. Sadly, trackers tend to protrude outwards and are more likely to get snagged. In addition, the general weight of them can make the breakaway safety buckle more vulnerable to opening, resulting in collar losses.

    That being said, it is completely up to each customer whether they'd like to fit a tracker to one of our collars - many still choose to, knowing that they can always use the tracker to locate the collar if it were to get lost.


    Congratulations on getting started on making your cat's beautiful new toy! Below you'll find instructional videos on the techniques used in making the toys, along with copies of the step-by-step instruction guide for each toy kit.

    Instruction Guides

    Just click below to open and download the step-by-step instruction guide for your chosen toy. 

    Make Your Own Toy Kit - Donut

    Make Your Own Toy Kit - Mountain

    Make Your Own Toy Kit - Cloud

    How-To Videos

    Thread Splitting

    Technique used in the following kits: All

    Your kit contains embroidery floss which is made up of 6 strands. Here's how to divide it into two strands of 3, ready for stitching your toy.

    Whip Stitch

    Technique used in the following kits: Donut, Mountain

    This is the stitch we use to attach decorative pieces of felt onto a felt background. Find out how to achieve the whip stitch in the video below. 

    Blanket Stitch

    Technique used in the following kits: Donut, Mountain, Cloud

    This is the stitch we use to stitch up the edges of our toy. Find out how to blanket stitch in the video below.

    Our King Catnip Natural Catnip Spray is made from a non-toxic blend of the finest quality ingredients, it is very gentle and can be used on soft furnishings including cat toys, beds and scratchers. As the mist leaves no residue or mess, there is no clean up required afterwards! Use it in the same way you would use fragrance or upholstery sprays.

    We strongly recommend doing a ‘spot check’ before applying the mist more heavily – apply a small amount onto a subtle area of the items you want to fully apply the mist to, leave for 12 hours and check to see that there has been no reaction. Then you’re good to go, apply to your cat's content!

    Do not spray the catnip spray directly onto your cat, or onto human skin.

    Yes! Our Cat Selfie Phone Clip is attached your mobile phone using an easy to use clip which slides onto the top of your phone. It fits any standard size mobile phone (with a thickness of 5-10 milimeters).

    You can also use it on tablets or ipads of the same thickness! As long as it’s got a camera you can clip it on and start taking those purrfect shots.

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    Important! Please remember to set up your PayPal email address in the 'setting' section of the Ambassador Dashboard, to receive your PayPal commission payments to. If no PayPal email address is provided, your payout will fail and you will not receive any commission. 

    Sadly not. Although customers can check out in different currencies on our store, we receive those transactions from the payment processor in pounds sterling - and those are the pounds we share with you when a sale is referred! Don't worry - once you've received your GBP payout, you can use PayPal to convert it into any supported currency you'd like.

    We like to make sure that everybody’s interaction with Supakit is a fun and positive experience! Please respect the following values when you are acting as our ambassador:

    • Respect differing opinions: We would never want to tell somebody what’s best for them or their furbaby. Education is wonderful, but aggressively trying to convert someone to your point of view is not.

    • No hard sell: We are passionate about our products but know that they won’t be the right choice for absolutely everybody! We prefer to share what we do with others, and let them choose if they like what they see.

    • Cat welfare comes first: If you are ‘asking’ your kitty or somebody else’s to help you create content e.g. posing for photos in their Supakit accessories, please remember that cat welfare comes first. If they don’t want to do it, or you see any signs that they are in distress, please stop.

    We do monitor our ambassador community to make sure that content is in keeping with our brand values. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us

    We've been finding lately that a few of our ambassadors' discount codes have - through no fault of their own - been hijacked by coupon code scraping websites. This is sadly is outside of our terms & conditions as all codes must only be shared on sites and social media accounts that you own or manage. 

    To avoid this happening, we just wanted to share a few top tips on how to keep your code safe from copying, but still available for your friends, family and online community:

    • DMs: Let everyone know that you have a discount code available for them, which they can DM you for details of.

    • Pictures: The automated coupon code sites use bots to scour the text of instagram and facebook posts for mention of discount codes. But it's much harder for them to 'read' text that's actually embedded in a picture or graphic. So if you'd like to share the code itself, consider putting it in a picture, or sharing on your Instagram / Facebook stories rather than in the post text itself. 
    If, despite your best efforts you do find your code on sites that aren't in your control, please notify us and we'll do our very best to help out! And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

    What is the Supakit ambassador program?

    The Supakit Ambassador Program is our way of working with our amazing community of fans, loyal customers and influencers to reward you for helping to share the #supakitlove! 

    When you join our team as an ambassador, you earn 10% commission on referrals and you will be able to create your own unique discount code to give your friends and followers 10% off their next purchase at the Supakit store too! 

    How are referrals tracked?

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    How is commission calculated?

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    You'll have visibility of every sale referred on your ambassador dashboard so that you can track your commission as it's earned!

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