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How long can I leave my cat's collar on for?

Once your cat is settled and happy in their Supakit collar it's perfectly safe to leave it on them all the time. Some occasions when you should definitely remove your cat's collar during normal use are:

  • When administering topical treatments e.g. flea or worming treatments that you apply to their fur. These chemicals can permanently damage the collar and its buckle, so we recommend that you leave your cat's collar off for 48 hours following these treatments. 

  • When adjusting the fit - We recommend that you check the fit of your cat's collar from time to time and adjust to ensure that you can fit one fingertip only between your cat and their collar when it is on. To make any adjustments, simply remove the collar from your cat, use the brass slider to lengthen or shorten to the appropriate length, and then put your cat's collar back on.

With long-term use you may notice that your cat's fur develops a parting where their Supakit collar lies. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal - and just like a parting in human hair! If you ever choose to remove their collar, your cat's fur will lose its parting over time.