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Help! My Cat Hates Their Collar – What Should I Do?

You’ve treated your kitty to a new collar and… they hate it! Fear not. Here at Supakit, we're experts in helping cats fall in love with cat collars. Let us share the simple tricks you can use to transform your collar-hating cat or kitten into a happy collar-wearer.

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Why do cats hate collars?

Ever wondered why your kitty isn't too keen on wearing a collar? Don't worry, you're not alone! It's totally normal for cats to feel a wary of new things, and collars are no exception. There are a range of reasons that your cat might be feeling unsure about wearing a collar. But here's the good news: it's entirely possible to help them get comfortable with wearing a collar full-time! Let's explore why cats sometimes have an aversion to collars and share some handy tips on how to make the transition smoother for your cat.

Reason #1 - The wrong collar

If your cat hates their current collar, the first thing to look at is the collar itself.

First, it's essential that your collar is specially made for cats, with a breakaway safety buckle that will keep your cat safe in their collar at all times.

Collars for cats who hate collars

Next, check whether your collar is:

  • Too heavy or bulky

    A collar that is too heavy or bulky, either in its own right, or because it is carrying a lot of accessories (e.g. ID tags, charms, bells etc) can make a cat unhappy in their collar. 

    Solution: Find a collar that is ultra slimline and lightweight. Supakit collars are specially designed to be so feather-light that your cat will forget they even have a collar on!

  • Itchy or scratchy

    If your cat's collar has a band that is itchy or scratchy, or if it has frayed and is rubbing against their fur, this can make them uncomfy and lead to collar aversion.

    Solution: Find a collar that is soft and luxurious, particularly on the inside edge that will be in contact with your cat's fur. Here at Supakit we use only premium natural materials to make our collars, and we line them on the inside with the same high-end material as the outside. This creates a super-comfy, low-friction inner edge for supreme kitty comfort!

Reason #2 - An incorrect fit

Collar fit is so important for your cat's comfort, and a poorly fitting collar can often cause a cat to hate their collar. Fortunately, it's one of the easiest factors to fix!

The key thing to recognise is you don't want your cat's collar to be too tight, that would be uncomfy for them. But you also don't want to leave their collar too loose. A collar that's too loose is actually the most common reason we see here at Supakit for cats disliking their collars.

The reason? A loose collar dangles around and rubs against your cat's fur. It's like wearing your watch strap three sizes too large - uncomfy, right? Same goes for your cat's collar!

cat collar fit

Solution: Make sure you follow your manufacturer's recommendations for collar fit, and re-check the fit from time-to-time. Here at Supakit, our collars are specially designed to be comfy enough to be worn close to your cat's neck, with one fingertip space between. This super snug fit is not only most comfortable for your cat, it also prevents them from sneaking a paw (or jaw) between the collar and their neck, taking matters into their own hands and popping the collar off.

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Reason #3 - Accessories added too soon

One of the key reasons to put a collar on your cat is so that they can carry crucial accessories like a visible ID tag or a tracker. But it's important to remember that any accessories will bring new sounds and sensations to our cats, so it's important to introduce our cats to their plain collar first, then add in accessories one by one, so that we don't overwhelm them.

Solution: You can follow our simple collar introduction guide to make sure your cat falls in love with their collar and learns to embrace any new accessories at a pace that works for them!

How to change your collar-hating kitty's mind

Once you've fixed the root causes above, it's time to work on changing our cat's minds about their collars, and showing them that they can truly love wearing a collar full-time. To do this requires some simple training. You'll find the process below, but before you begin, check that you have these two things – rewards and an understanding of their body language.


Find a reward that your cat absolutely LOVES. Not that treat they get frequently, think of the treat that you save for special occasions like their birthday! If your cat isn’t really food motivated, it might well be that the treat just isn’t tempting enough. Praise or their fave toy are great alternatives to food-based rewards.

Traffic light zones

Having an understanding of your cat’s body language is super helpful in aiding training. Being able to identify whether they are in the green, amber or red zone, allows you to adapt your training to best suit them. We can show you what to look for, just download the free Traffic Light guide here!

With these two things, you are ready to reintroduce a collar to your cat. Watch our YouTube video for the training process and remember to keep your sessions short and sweet, ending them on a positive if you can.

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