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How to fit your Supakit collar

Getting the perfect fit for your Supakit collar is easy - simply adjust the length of the collar, using the gold slider, until you can fit one fingertip only, between your cat and their collar when it is on (with fur flattened). Don't forget to re-check the fit of your cat's collar frequently as it may change as they gain or lose weight, or due to seasonal changes in the thickness of their coat. 

It can be tempting to leave your cat's collar loose in the interests of their comfort, but counter-intuitively, the looser a cat's collar is the more uncomfy it can feel for a cat! That's because a loose collar will tend to slide across their fur as they move around (rather than sitting snugly in one place), and these sliding sensations of a loose collar can be disconcerting for a cat. Cats will then use the extra room in the collar band to take matters into their own 'hands' - hooking their paw underneath it to simply remove the offending collar! 

Not only does a loose collar increase the risk of collar losses, it also presents safety issues; it is more likely to get snagged as your cat brushes against things and explores, and your kitty might be able to fit their claws or jaw in the space between their neck and the collar and end up getting stuck in an uncomfortable position. A snug fit is super important and so easy to achieve, watch the above video to see this fitting process in more detail.