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The Supakit Cat Map

Your harness-trained kitty is excited for outdoor adventures - but where can you take your cat to have fun in an environment that is cat-friendly and safe?

If you venture outdoors with your cat, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time researching and scouting out cat-friendly locations to visit together! Speaking to our ‘cat exploring’ friends around the world, we realised that we’ve each built up our own personal lists of cat friendly hotels, cat-loving businesses, and parks and trails where dogs tend to be leashed and that are safe for kitties to explore. It got us thinking - wouldn’t it be great if we could pool our collective knowledge about the BEST places to hang out with our cats?

So we built the ‘Cat Map’ to do just that!

The Cat Map | Cat-Friendly Locations Around The World

The Cat Map is a FREE worldwide community-sourced google map where anybody can post their recommendations of top places to visit with their cat - from cat friendly stores and cafes to cat friendly vacation spots, and everything in between!

We hope you find the map useful, and would LOVE it if you could also take a moment to contribute your own cat-friendly pins. Simply click the button below to submit your pin - it will take you to a Google form that takes just seconds to fill in, and doesn't collect any personal information from you. Thank you for being a part of this pawsome project!



Move the map
Click and drag the map to move the view around

Zoom in or out
Press the +/- buttons in the bottom left hand corner of the map to zoom in or out

    View pin details
    Click on any pin to read its full description

    Search by location
    If you'd like to specifically search for cat-friendly locations in your local area, press the expand button in the top right hand corner to view the map in the Google Maps browser. Once there, you'll be able to use the search bar to find your chosen spot! 

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    General tips by region


    • "Canadian National Parks! Cats are allowed in all national parks, as long as they are leashed"
    • "Petvalu + global pet foods are pet friendly"


    • "In NSW, legally, cats can go anywhere that's public property except within 10 metres of food preparation areas, or wildlife preparation areas. Grey area if they can go on private property - they can if they aren't being a 'nuisance'. We go to a few beaches... beaches are a little naughty as most ban dogs and they just didn't think to ban cats (yet). I've had the council people try to tell me off / fine me before and I tell them to look up the Companion animals act 1998 no 87 NSW and they leave us alone".

    Please note

    The information contained in The Cat Map is contributed by members of the public and is not independently verified by Supakit. We are not able to guarantee that the information is complete or accurate, and cannot accept any responsibility for any ways in which this information is used.

    If you’d like to suggest a correction to the map or request removal of a business or location, please send us an email to specifying the pin in question.