Is the Supakit harness escape-proof?

As part of the development process for the Supakit cat harness we recruited a team of cat testers worldwide that we called our ‘Harness Houdinis’ - cats who had escaped from multiple harnesses in the past! With their help we’ve been able to make a harness that tackles all of the main kitty escape methods, including backing out.

There are a few things to get right to ensure that these escape-proofing features can work well for your cat:

  1. The correct size: The Supakit harness comes in three sizes, based on your cat's measurements. Take a look at our simple size & measuring guide.

  2. The perfect fit: The Supakit harness is designed to fit nice and close to your cat's body so that they can forget it's even there. Find out more about the perfect fit here.

  3. Good leash position: Leash position is everything when out exploring with your cat! Here's how to always make sure your cat's leash stays in the safe zone.

  4. Not tethering: For your cat's safety and for the escape-proofing features to work well, it's really important not to tether your cat to a fixed point. Exploring with your cat is a joyful activity to embark on together, and the Supakit harness is designed for use with a handheld leash only.

What if the Supakit harness just doesn't work out for my cat?

If for any reason you would like to return your Supakit harness, it's simple to do! We have warehouses in the UK and USA, so you can choose whichever is most convenient for you to send your return to. Please note that return postage is at the customer's expense. Find out more about our simple returns process here.

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