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Can I use a tracker with a Supakit collar?

We don't provide trackers, but you are very welcome to use a third party tracker on your Supakit collar. The only thing to be aware of is that the size and added weight of a tracker can unfortunately increase the likelihood of collar losses.

Supakit collars are designed to be very slimline and sit snugly against your cat's neck. This slimline profile is essential to ensure that your cat's collar doesn't get caught on anything and get lost. Sadly, trackers tend to protrude outwards and are more likely to get snagged. In addition, the general weight of them can make the breakaway safety buckle more vulnerable to opening, resulting in collar losses. 

That being said, it is completely up to each customer whether they'd like to fit a tracker to one of our collars - many still choose to, knowing that they can always use the tracker to locate the collar if it were to get lost. AirTags are a common choice in our community and as one of the smaller options, can help better maintain the slim profile of the collar (depending on how it is affixed).