Cat Collars

Cat collars, reinvented! Handcrafted from luxurious natural materials, Supakit cat collars feel - and most importantly, smell - just right to your cat. Coupled with our advanced slimline fit, the result is a cat collar so comfy, your cat won't even know they have a collar on.

A Safe Cat Collar That Stays On

Does your cat lose collars constantly? It doesn't have to be that way! Our research has found that collar losses are typically caused by two issues - an uncomfy collar that cats actively remove, or an ill-fitting collar that gets snagged as your active kitty explores. Supakit cat collars are designed to tackle these two main causes of collar losses, for a feline collar that stays on your cat through all of their daily adventures!

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Breakaway Feature

The breakaway buckle on our breakaway cat collars ensures your outdoor cat won’t get stuck while out on an adventure. These adjustable cat collars can be easily fitted to your cat’s neck, to ensure they’re comfortable and secure.

Collar Sizes

Our cat collars come in two sizes, with both an adult cat collar and kitten collar available. Our kitten size is for cats that weigh between 1kg - 2.5kg (2.2 to 5.5lbs), and our adult collars are for cats that weigh 2.5kg plus (5.5lbs+).

Collar Materials

Our cat collar range includes collars made from leather, cork, and recycled ocean plastic. Supakit uses soft materials that your cat will enjoy wearing, which will help prevent collar loss.

You can also pair these with our cat harnesses and associated cat leashes.

Collar Identification Tags

Our engraved cat ID tags are made from mirror polished metal, and can be easily attached to the collar using a split ring.

Kitty Collar Safety Advice

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