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Can I use a Supakit harness on my dog?

Supakit harnesses are specially designed for the unique needs of cats, but that doesn’t mean to say that we haven’t had dogs who like to use our products too!

Although our harnesses are specifically designed to suit the size and shape of our feline friends, we do hear of people who have chosen to use them on their petite pooches. Dogs tend to be somewhat stronger then cats (although your cat might tell you otherwise) so if you are purchasing a Supakit harness for a puppy which will one day grow into a medium size or particularly strong dog, we’d recommend keeping an eye on their growth and changing to a canine brand as soon as you see signs of them outgrowing their harness.

You can find the size and measuring guide for our harnesses below. Just be aware that these are for a very snug and body-hugging fit, so if your dog will be wearing clothing between the harness and their body, you may need to add a little to their measurements to make room for this!

Click here to view our size and measuring guide