Cat Harness Size Guide

Harness Size Guide

The Supakit cat harness comes in three adjustable sizes, to cater for every shape and size of cat (even little kittens and chonky floofs!). Here's how to find your cat's perfect size:

Step 1: Take two simple measurements

Take the measurements below while your cat is standing up. Remember to draw the tape measure tight enough to compress any fur underneath. Use a tape measure, or a piece of string that you compare to a ruler afterwards. 

Front Measurement

Back Measurement

Cat harness measuring guide

Measure from your cat's shoulderblades, around the front of their breastbone, and back again.

Cat harness size guide

Measure from your cat's shoulderblades, around the back of their legs, and back again. The tape measure should pass snugly behind their elbows.

Step 2: Check the size chart

Once you've taken your cat's measurements, simply compare them with the size chart below

Kitten Icon


For kittens & petite adult cats

Adult Cat Icon


For average size cats

Large cat icon


For extra large cats


25 - 32 cm
10 - 12.5 inches

29 - 38 cm
11.5 - 15 inches

37 - 46 cm
14.5 - 18 inches


28 - 36 cm
11 - 14 inches

33 - 41 cm
13 - 16 inches

41 - 50 cm
16 - 20 inches

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