The Holiday Gift Guide

Our cats are our confidants, BFFs, and daily muses. So as the holiday season rolls in, it's natural that they're at the top of our gifting list! It’s the perfect time to pick out something extra special for them, and we're here to guide you with our curated collection of the finest Supakit picks. Let's make this festive season a celebration of the special bond we share with our cats!

Catnip Cat Toys Craft Kit - Mountain

Regular price£20.00
Get your craft on and make your cat the best catnip toy they've ever had with our beautiful catnip cat toy craft kit. Each kit contains everything you’ll need to create two unique toys for cats in our adorable 'mountain' pattern. Packaged in an supa-cute box, it's an ideal gift for any cat lover – and a surefire hit with your feline friend!

A Collar They'll Love To Wear

Give your cat the gift of comfort, safety and style with our bestselling luxury breakaway cat collars. Pick from blissfully soft leather or exquisite vegan cork and pair it with a custom engraved ID tag for your cat's perfect gift!

The Complete Cat Harness Training Course

Regular price£50.00
Dreaming of harness training your cat? Our complete harness training course has got everything you need to take your aspiring explorer from harness newbie to confident outdoor adventurer. It won't be long before you're stepping out together and creating unforgettable memories side by side.
Retractable Cat Leash - Black - Supakit
Retractable Cat Leash for Cat Walking - Supakit
Retractable Cat Leash - Black - Lifestyle - Supakit
Retractable Cat Leash - Black

Retractable Cat Leash - Black

Regular price£35.00
Upgrade your cat's adventure game with a leash that gives them that perfect feeling of freedom outside! Our retractable cat leash has a special easy-glide mechanism designed for cats, so that your cat can pull the leash out with ease with no pulling, tugging or weirdness. It's a total game changer!

Give the gift of Supakit

Surprise the cat lover in your life with a Supakit gift card this holiday season. It's the perfect way to let them choose a special gift for their beloved kitty. Conveniently delivered via email, our gift cards are ideal for those last-minute thoughtful gestures!


Leather Cat Harness - Supakit - Emerald Green
Leather Cat Harness - Supakit - Burgundy
Leather Cat Harness - Supakit - Black
Leather Cat Harness - Supakit - Mint Green
Leather Cat Harness - Supakit - Rose Pink
Cat Harness - Supakit - Natural Cork
Cat Harness - Supakit - Pink Cork
Cat Harness - Supakit - Blue Cork
The Supakit Cat Harness
Leather Cat Leash - Supakit - Emerald Green
Leather Cat Leash - Supakit - Burgundy
Leather Cat Leash - Supakit - Black
Leather Cat Leash - Supakit - Mint Green
Leather Cat Leash - Supakit - Rose Pink
Cat Leash - Supakit - Natural Cork
Cat Leash - Supakit - Pink Cork
Cat Leash - Supakit - Blue Cork
The Supakit Cat Leash