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Cat Collars with Buckles – Are They Dangerous?

cat wearing Supakit collar

Your cat’s safety is your top priority, so understanding what type of collar is best for your cat is important. Let’s take a look at buckle collars, the different styles available, and what type of collars are recommended as the safest for cats.

Why Buckle Collars Aren’t Safe for Cats

Traditional buckle collars that fasten like a belt buckle aren’t safe for cats, because they lack a mechanism to help your cat escape safely if their collar is ever snagged.

Cats are curious creatures and there is a risk that as they go about their daily adventures, their collar could get snagged (e.g. on a tree branch or door handle in the home). If your cat’s collar gets caught, and their collar lacks a built-in safety feature to release under tension, there is a risk that they will become stuck or suspended by their collar. This is very dangerous, so it is essential to find a collar that can prevent this outcome at all costs.

Best Alternative: Breakaway Cat Collars

The best alternative is a breakaway cat collar. Breakaway safety buckles will release under tension, allowing your cat to be freed safely if their collar ever gets caught.

A common concern with choosing a breakaway collar is that it will just come off randomly and get lost. However, by choosing a comfy cat collar and ensuring a good fit, you can radically reduce the risk of your cat’s collar getting caught or them actively trying to remove it. As a result, you should find that your cat is able to keep their breakaway collar on.

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Do Cats Like Wearing Collars?

Yes, cats like wearing collars if the collar is introduced correctly, is made from a material that smells and feels appealing to them, and of course, is lightweight and slim so they’re comfortable. At Supakit we have worked diligently to develop collars that cats love to wear!

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What Is the Safest Collar for a Cat?

Burgundy leather breakaway buckle collar

The safest collar for a cat is a breakaway buckle collar (sometimes known as a quick-release buckle collar). These collars have buckles that unclip under tension. They also should be fitted properly to avoid accidents.

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Can Cats Choke on Breakaway Collars?

A well-fitting breakaway collar is designed to prevent the risk of choking. The good fit reduces the risk of getting the collar snagged, and also prevents a cat from getting their collar into their mouth. The breakaway buckle ensures that in the unlikely event that a snag does occur, the collar will pop open to release your cat safely.

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Is it Ok to Put a Bell on a Cat?

Yes, it is ok to put a bell on a cat collar. As with anything new, you should introduce your cat to a bell gradually and ensure that the bell is an appropriate size for the collar.

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How Long Does It Take for a Cat to Get Used to a Collar?

The time it takes for a cat to get used to a collar will vary from cat to cat. You may find that your cat is happy to wear a collar swiftly whilst others may need slower more gradual introductions. Introducing a collar to a cat at a young age may make it easier for them to accept, but cats of all ages can be successfully introduced to collar-wearing!

Many cats that ‘don’t like’ collars have an aversion to the type of collar they have previously been introduced to, or may have been introduced too quickly to a collar in the past.

If you have a collar-dubious kitty in your life, look for a collar made from natural materials or fibres (the natural scent will put them at ease) with a lightweight, slimline design. It’s also well worth taking the time to introduce them gradually to their new collar so that they can settle in at their own pace and soon forget that they’re even wearing one!

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With so many collar options available, we hope that this article has helped you understand why breakaway collar buckles are deemed the safest option for your cat.