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Are Supakit collars safe?

All of our collars are designed to include a high quality vet-recommended breakaway buckle, which will 'break-away' under your cat's weight if their collar is ever snagged.

We are also one of the only cat collar manufacturers to offer all of our collars with a choice of two breakaway buckles, including a more sensitive 'kitten' breakaway buckle that is safe for lighter kitten bodies.

Most importantly of all, we believe in minimising the risk of snags occurring in the first place. Our pioneering slimline design fits your cat's contours like a glove, to minimise the risk of snags and ensure that your cat's collar stays with them, wherever they go.

To maximise the safety features of your Supakit collar, make sure it is fitted correctly. You can learn more about the perfect fit in our collar fitting guide.