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My cat loses collars. Will a Supakit one stay on?

We started Supakit with a mission - creating a safe, breakaway cat collar that cats would actually keep on! Frustrated by the elusive quest for a cat collar that won't come off, our founders developed a pioneering design to make that happen. You can delve into the fascinating story of how it all began right here.

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Supakit cat collars are specially designed to dramatically reduce collar losses, ensuring they stay in place during all of your kitty's adventures. They do this by tackling the two main causes of collar loss - snagging on things in the environment, and active removal by your cat.

Ultra slimline, to reduce the risk of snagging: Our collars feature an ultra-slim and supple design, allowing them to sit closely against your cat's body. This slimline profile drastically reduces the chances of the collar getting entangled with objects as your cat explores, ensuring their collar can safely stay on throughout their adventures!

Super comfy, to reduce active removals: Through our research, we discovered that many cats known for 'losing' their collars were actually trying to escape discomfort. That's why our collars are engineered to be incredibly soft and lightweight, ensuring your cat remains blissfully unaware of their collar's presence. This innovation makes active removals a thing of the past.

While collar losses can still occur very rarely, typically when the collar breakaway buckle genuinely needs to release for safety reasons, we're here to support you. In the unlikely event of repeated losses, please consult our collar loss troubleshooting guide for effective solutions.