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My cat loses collars. Will a Supakit one stay on?

We started Supakit with a mission - creating a safe, breakaway cat collar that cats would actually keep on! You can read our origin story here.

Supakit collars are specially designed to dramatically reduce collar losses so that they can stay with your kitty through all of their adventures. They do this by tackling the two main causes of collar loss - snagging on things in the environment, and active removal by your cat.

Ultra slimline, to reduce the risk of snagging: Our collars are super slimline and supple which allows them to sit very close to your cat's body. This slimline profile means that there's much less chance of the collar getting caught on things as your cat explores, meaning that their collar can stay on safely through all of their adventures!

Super comfy, to reduce active removals: We discovered that most cats notorious for 'losing' their collars are actually deliberately escaping because they find them uncomfy! Our collars are designed to be so soft and lightweight that your cat won't even know that they have a collar on, making active removals a thing of the past.

Collar losses can still very occasionally occur (in the rare cases where a collar does get caught and the safety breakaway buckle does genuinely need to trigger). But in the unlikely event that you see repeated losses, please check out our collar loss troubleshooting guide.