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What size harness should I choose?

The Supakit cat harness comes in three sizes (small, medium & large), and each one has a large range of adjustability on both the front and back straps.

The range is designed so that from the youngest of kittens to the largest of cats, there will be a Supakit harness that is the perfect size for them.

Just visit our harness size & measuring guide to find your cat's perfect size!

Will one harness size fit my cat all the way through their growth?

There is a LOT of adjustability in all of our harness sizes, so there is a very good chance that you will be able to use a single size and adjust it as your cat grows. Obviously this depends on your particular cat and how much growing they will do - but as an example, one of the models on our store, Lola - still wears the 'small' size Supakit harness that she first wore as a kitten, even though she is now 4 years old and fully grown.