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Discover the best cat harness and leash for happy and relaxed cat adventures. The Supakit harness and leash for cats is specially designed to be simple to put on and easy to adjust, with a pioneering cradle design that keeps kitty secure, whilst letting them feel blissfully comfy and free. Elevate your cat's harness and leash adventures with Supakit today!

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"We’ve discovered a harness that fits so well on our cats, Lumos & Noxie, that they can’t Houdini their way out of it. The Supakit Cat Harness."
"If your feline friend transforms into an escape artist whenever they’re given time in the great outdoors, the Supakit harness could be just what you need... the quality is amazing and we liked that there’s just one single buckle to fasten, meaning it’s easy to get on and off."

Specially for cats

Our expert, award-winning designs cater to your cat's unique needs and desires

Love at first sniff

We use luxurious natural materials that instinctively smell and feel right to your cat

Highest quality

Our accessories are skillfully hand-crafted to create beautiful, functional pieces that stand the test of time

Helping rescues

Every order donates two meals at our partner sanctuary Blind Cat Rescue


Wondering what size cat harness and leash your cat requires? We're proud to say that the Supakit cat harness and leash is designed for every size, shape, and breed of cat. Whether you're looking for a small cat harness for your tiny kitten or an extra-large cat harness and leash for your beautiful floofmonster, there's a harness size for you! Just take a look at our cat harness size & measuring guide to get started.
Measuring your cat for the Supakit cat harness and leash is easy. Follow our simple size & measuring guide to ensure you get the right fit for your furry friend.
Can't decide on the best cat harness material for your adventurous feline? The Supakit cat harness and leash comes in two materials - natural genuine leather and vegan cork 'leather'. They are both equally supple and strong. The only difference between them is their water resistance. The leather cat harness is splashproof, whereas the cork cat harness can handle full immersion. So, if your cat loves to swim or you live on or around water, we'd recommend opting for the cork cat harness over the leather!
The Supakit cat harness and leash is specially designed for wriggly, boisterous cats to keep them secure throughout their adventures. We developed our harness design with the help of a team of escape artist cats, our 'Harness Houdinis', who had escaped from multiple harnesses in the past. With their valuable input, we were able to craft a cat harness and leash that addresses all of the common escape methods, including backing out. To make sure that the escape-proof features work effectively for your cat, there are a few additional factors to consider, such as ensuring that you pick the right size, achieve a correct fit, maintain safe leash position and embark on proper harness training for your cat's comfort and security. You can find more information about ensuring that your cat's harness is safe and secure in our harness escape-proofing guide.
If your cat is new to harnesses, don't worry! We're here to help. For a full introduction to every element of harness adventuring - from putting the harness on, to walking on a leash, backpack training and even managing dog encounters, enroll your cat in our Complete Cat Harness Training Course. Alternatively, if you'd like to start with the basics and focus on putting the harness on, you can try out our Free 10 Day Harness Training Bootcamp!
For safe exploration, the Supakit cat harness is designed for use with a handheld leash. You can choose from our fixed-length leashes or retractable leashes in the Supakit leash range to ensure the ideal leash setup for your cat's safety.