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How can I track my order?

To track your order, simply click the 'view your order' button on your order or shipping confirmation emails, which will take you to your order status page. If for any reason your confirmation emails haven't arrived, please contact us so that we can resolve this for you!

Once your order has shipped, the order status page will be updated with your parcel's tracking number. Click on this tracking number to be taken to the courier's site, where you'll be able to find detailed updates on its progress.

Please note - Tracking is only available on our 'tracked' or 'tracked & expedited' shipping services. If you have selected an economy service, you will still receive a tracking number which you can view using the method above, but please note that this isn't a fully tracked service. It will provide a delivery confirmation only.

How to track your order

Additional tracking for international tracked shipments

If you have selected an international tracked shipment, once the parcel arrives in your country, it will be handed over to your national carrier e.g. Canada Post, Australia Post etc. for the final leg of its journey. You can often find more detailed tracking information on your national carrier's website, using the same tracking number as above.

Here are the tracking links for some of our most frequently used national carriers:

Canada Post Tracking

Australia Post Tracking