Collar Sizing

Supakit collars come in two 'sizes' - but the main difference between them isn't the length (because they are both super adjustable), it's which breakaway buckle they have!

Which breakaway buckle should I choose?

All of our collars come with a breakaway safety buckle. This means that in the unlikely event that your cat is ever caught by their collar, the buckle will slide open under their body weight and allow them to break free from their collar safely. 

We offer our collars with two choices of breakaway buckle. 

ADULT This breakaway buckle is designed for all cats over 2.5kg / 5.5lbs. This is our ‘main’ buckle which will last your cat through all their adult years.

KITTEN - This breakaway buckle is designed for cats between 1kg - 2.5kg / 2.2 - 5.5lbs. It is specially designed to allow little cats and kittens to start collar wearing safely while they are still too small for the adult buckle. To keep collar losses to a minimum, we recommend moving them up to an adult buckle once they’re heavy enough. 

Looking for the length / width measurements of our collars? Click here.